Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dogs & Digits

Working at an elementary school is not your ordinary job! Tonight Steven was dressed as a hot dog for the Dogs & Digits night for their math program. Steven was such a trooper and I enjoyed watching him entertain the kids. I brought our crew to see what they would think of daddy, lets just say they were a little worried! Collin started crying just as soon as he saw him, Bryce couldn't stop staring at him with a blank look on his face and Addison didn't want to be held by the "hot dog". I'm sure one day they will get a kick out of daddy doing silly stuff like this but today was not that day. Seeing Steven do things like this reminds me of what a wonderful father he is and how much fun our kids are going to have with him when they are older.   
Addison wanting her mommy!
Bryce just confused!
Collin terrified!
Finally a good picture!
Colton and the Hot Dog!


Jess said...

And he is a GREAT boss, too! :)

The Maurer's said...

These pics made me laugh out loud! Way to go Steve!