Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Tonight we loaded up the babies and headed to the pumpkin patch. They weren't as interested in the pumpkins as I thought they would be. They thought the small pumpkins were balls and would throw them, luckily we didn't bust any open. Despite the heat, having a grumpy little girl and two busy little boys we got some great pictures of all three!
"Mom do we really have to do this"
Collin just threw a small pumpkin and he was saying "uh oh", one of his favorite words right now! 
Our best attempt at a family photo
Thanks Myrna and Grandpa for coming along and helping out!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Happy Birthday x2!

October 24 is a special day because its my birthday but its also special because its my niece Tegan's birthday. Friday I had a great time celebrating my birthday by going out to eat with family. Yesterday Steven let me take it easy then we had a fun evening at the park celebrating Tegan's birthday. The babies had a blast running around, sliding and trying to keep up with the big kids.
The birthday girls!
Three worn out babies, they played hard!
Boys being boys!
Papa helped Collin and Bryce down the slide

Addison didn't like getting dirty and came running to me every time she had a little dirt on her hand.
Tegan and her friend Piper
Collin hanging out with Papa
My long time friend Lisa with Bryce stuffing his mouth with hot dogs
The babies splashing in the drink tub
Bryce being a big boy climbing the play equipment
Tegan and her friend Lauren
Brandon helping Bryce down the slide. Can you tell Bryce LOVED it! He would make a bumpy uuuuugggghhhh sound all the way down.
Collin coming down the slide like a big boy
Addison looked a little unsure about it but she kept wanting to go again and again!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Yep you read that right, Addison's platelet counts were up to 296 today when we went to Texas Childrens! This is really good and means she is finally back in the normal range (250-450 is normal). Even Dr. Lakshmi had a big smile on her face when she got the results. We have not seen a high number like this since she was in the NICU and only a couple of weeks old so it is really exciting to see such a high number. Dr. Lakshmi wants us to come back in 3 months to make sure her counts are staying in the normal range but if they are still good then we can stop making the trip to TCH every other month! For now we are just going to celebrate the good numbers!

Addison had fun coloring in the waiting area!
She wanted Mommy to help
She didn't have as much fun getting her blood draw
Hiding from Dr. Lakshmi
I wanted her to take a picture with Dr. Lakshmi and this is what we got! Dr. Lakshmi looks great :) After seeing Dr. Lakshmi we had to wait around for her to get a flu shot.
Checking out the fish
Riding the horsey
Sliding down the slide!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

2nd Annual Maurer's Hayride

We are so glad the Maurer's decided to make their good ole' fashion hayride an annual event. I have to say the hayride was much more enjoyable this year with three happy babies, what a difference a year makes. They enjoyed seeing the cows, horses, and puppy dogs along the ride. Addison was a little questionable at first hanging on tight to Daddy but she eventually relaxed. Bryce sat there like a big boy and Collin stood most of the time taking it all in. The weather was perfect and spending the evening with good friends was great!
About to take off on the hayride
Jerri, Jaxon, Kim, Kristin and Colt
The Rau Family on the hayride
Bryce sat there like a big boy and enjoyed the ride
Addison holding onto Daddy tight!
Collin having fun with Kristin 
The boys being boys! They enjoyed playing in the rocks after the hayride, I think we have several rocks to return to the Maurer's, their shoes were full of rocks!

Aggie tailgate party

This weekend was a perfect weekend for tailgating despite the Aggies loss. The babies did great even without a nap and played hard all day long.

Addison watching the game with Daddy
Collin walking Gerdy
Bryce throwing the football