Monday, February 28, 2011

Our last trip to TCH

On the 16th we made (hopefully) our last trip to Texas Children's. Addison had an appointment with Dr. Lakshmi her hemotologist and Bryce had a follow up appointment with Dr.Yen his opthamologist. Both doctors are in the TCH Clinic building so it was convenient to schedule them the same day. It was an early morning for us leaving at 6am but the day couldn't have gone any better.
Addison and Bryce watching a movie in the opthamologist office
Addison and Mommy waiting on Bryce's doctor. When we got to her doctors office she wasn't this happy!

Addison's platelet counts were still in the normal range (322) so Dr. Lakshmi felt she out grew the ITP. There is a chance it can reoccur but we know all of the signs to watch for so we are not too concerned about it. That was the good news the bad news was she had two other low levels but Dr. Lakshmi thought it was more than likely caused from a virus so we will check those later with our pediatrician just to make sure. If all is well then we shouldn't have to go back! YEAH!!! 
Bryce wasn't happy about getting his eyes dialated

Bryce had a follow up with Dr. Yen because during his check up a year ago he was slightly far sided and she had a concern that he would have problems. We weren't really concerned about his vision but we kept his follow up appointment to make sure. His vision was great and Dr. Yen didn't think we would need to see her again unless the pediatrican found it necessary. YEAH!!! 
Bryce and Daddy having a snack 
Collin and his friend Arabelle at the library

While we were in Houston Collin had a fun day with Aunt Dee. He got to take his cousins to school, go to the library to see Ms. LouLou and play with Brandon all afternoon.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

20 Months Old

Addison, Bryce and Collin are now 20 months old and keeping Steven and I on our toes! I think we've child proofed everything in this house but they still find things to get into! They are starting to talk a lot more and will even repeat things we say every now and then, I guess its time to start watching what we say! They are starting to get a little helpful at picking up their toys. Somedays they help really well and we get everything put away and then one of them will pick up a box full of toys we just picked up and dump it out again so I guess we still have some work to do.

Addison will not get out of her bed most days without her blankets! She loves her shoes but will pull them off, tell me uh-oh and want me to put them right back on. She also likes to walk around in mommy's shoes. Addison weighs 23lbs. and has 10 teeth.

Bryce runs to his bedroom when we tell him its nite-nite time but only to run in the room before us so he can hide, usually behind the cribs so we have to crawl back there to get him. He weighs 29lbs and has 12 teeth and two more coming in which is part of the reason we've had som sleepless nights!

Collin's favorite word is huh! It drives me CRAZY when we ask him a question and he says "huh". You repeat the question and he says it again, "huh"! It was cute the first 500 times but now I want to scream when he says it. Collin is 23lbs and has 16 teeth

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Snow Day

Our children are definitely Texans! We thought they would be in awe of the snow, making a snowman and throwing snow balls but we were completely wrong. They hated the cold and snow. The best part of the day was daddy getting to stay at home with us for the day. After breakfast we bundled everyone up and I guess Steven and I were more excited about the snow than the kids. In Texas we seldom see snow so like many others we get excited when it actually snows here. We opened the door and Addison, Bryce and Collin immediately ventured outside but weren't sure what to do. Once Addison stepped in the snow she stopped in her tracks and cried until we brought her back in the house. Collin cried and reached for Steven to pick him up. He let Steven carry him around for a little bit but wanted back inside as soon as Addison went back in the house. In his defense he had two ear infections and wasn't in the best of moods. Bryce was our only adventurous one, he walked around with Steven and I checking out the snow and ice! His mood quickly changed when I made him get out of the street so we quickly went back in the house and that was the extent of our fun in the snow!
Their first impression of the snow!
Bryce having fun in the snow
Bryce playing in the street
Collin looked so cute bundled up but he wasn't very happy about it!
Collin's foot steps in the snow
You could barely see the snow in the grass but the streets and driveway looked pretty

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Crib Tents

Monkey see monkey do! It didn't take Bryce and Addison long to figure out how to climb up on the rail of their cribs, they never made it out of the beds but it was only a matter of time. When Steven and I realized  all three were climbing out we quickly assembled the crib tents and put them on the beds. The tents may not look pretty but they are very functional and give us a piece of mind that our little monkeys can't get out of their beds. I think its also helped them sleep better. Before the tents they would play with each other and throw their pillows and blankets into each others beds. We would hear them playing for a while before they would fall asleep or they would wake each other up. Bryce was a little mad at first when he realized he couldn't throw his blanket out but I think they are starting to like it.
I didn't catch Bryce on camera but Addison didn't hesitate to show me her moves!
Bryce in his tent
Collin enjoying his tent
Addison in her tent