Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fun at the park

For a small town we are very fortunate to have great parks and spring break seemed like the perfect opportunity to take advantage of them. The antique carousel at Fireman's Park was open all week and since the kids are a little older and love horses I thought they might enjoy it. Every other kid runs to the horses in excitement but not our kids, they screamed and cried pretty much the whole time! Once we left the carousel everyone was fine so I guess we will try again next year. The playground on the other hand was a hit and our kids are fearless. We had a great time and enjoyed spending the morning with Laurie, Amy, Mary, Rosie, Shawna and Brady. After the park we all headed to CiCi's for a pizza buffet and then home in time for a nap. We must have really worn them out because that was the best nap they took in a really long time!!!
Addison and Mary before the horses started to move.
Collin stayed on the horse for a while with Daddy by his side but you can tell he wasn't excited about it.
So Daddy held him until the ride ended
As you can see Bryce never made it on a horse and Addison quickly ended up on my lap.
Addison, Mommy, Laurie and Bryce
This slide was a little fast for Addison and she would get this scared look on her face as she came down, but that didn't stop her! She would turn around and go right back to the top to do it again.
Amy and Addison coming down the bumpy slide
Bryce coming down the bumpy slide
This was our first attempt at a group picture of the kids, it didn't go so well!
Brady, Collin, Addison, Amy, Mary, & Bryce
Our second attempt wasn't much better but you can at least see everyones face. I love how Mary is trying to gather all of the younger kids!
And I had to include this picture. If I tell Addison to hold Bryce's hand she will grab him and not let go. Sometimes he will let go or he gets away from her and she throws a fit! I'm really trying to work on the holding hands thing because its safer for them to stay together especially when I can only hold two hands. I also think it is cute when they walk together holding hands!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Break

Our Spring Break was productive, fun and relaxing. We accomplished several things on the dreaded "To Do List", Mommy escaped for a girls day of shopping and Daddy got away for a little golf. We also fit in a lot of family time and took the kids to the library Monday for Family night with Ms LouLou. Tuesday we met up with my old college roommate and her kids at the park to ride the hobby horses and play on the playground. Wednesday we celebrated Granny's birthday and Friday we played in the water in the backyard! It may not sound exciting to most but for 1 year olds it was a lot of fun and Mommy (and the kids) really enjoyed having Daddy around for the week!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

21 Months Old

Addison, Bryce and Collin are now 21 months old and I find myself saying no, get down, and be nice a lot more these days. It is definitely monkey see, monkey do around here which can stress mommy and daddy out! With the nice weather we have gone outside almost everyday. They love being outside and its usually a struggle to get them to come inside. We love hearing them say mama and daddy but I cannot count the number of times a day we hear repeatedly mama mama and daddy daddy!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

A handsome little boy

Addison and Collin have yet to have their first hair cuts but Bryce got a much needed 2nd hair cut Thursday!
His bangs where below his eyebrows
and his cute curls where turning into a frizzy mess
Its was so long I could have put it in a ponytail
During his first hair cut he sat very still and didn't mind Valerie messing with his hair. This time he wasn't as patient. I caught him sitting still here because I tried to bribe him with snacks and a drink. 
and then he got moody
It was a team effort to entertain him, here Marian is singing to him while Valerie is doing her best to cut his hair
He's no longer a baby but a handsome little boy and you can actually see his ears now!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Story time with Miss Lou Lou

Now that the kids are getting a little older I have really tried to get them out and about a little more. The last few weeks we have gone to the library during pre-school story time with Miss Lou Lou. I love story time just as much as the kids if not more. Not only do I get a chance to chat with other moms but Miss Lou Lou does a great job of singing songs, telling stories and entertaining the crowd with her puppets! Collin is very attentive and will sit with the other kids the whole time taking in everything Miss Lou Lou is doing. Addison has done pretty good but usually wants to sit with mommy. The first time we went Bryce was running down the isles pulling books off the shelf but this week he sat in my lap with Addison and paid attention most of the time.
Waiting for story time
Miss Lou Lou singing a cowboy song.
 I even caught Collin tapping his foot to the music like Miss Lou Lou!
Collin giving Patches the Horse a hug
Us with Miss Lou Lou and Patches
After story time the kids get to play with their friends while the mommy's visit!
I am so thankful to share this time with the kids. It makes my day to see them get excited about the little things and I hope to treasure these moments forever!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Cowboys and Cowgirls

Last Saturday we went to Cowboy Caleb's 3rd birthday party, he had real horses that we weren't real sure about, lots of fun toys for us to play with and he gave us real cowboy hats. We love hats so we have been wearing our cowboy hats all week.
Can you see the look of terror in Addison's eyes!
Collin holding on to Daddy for dear life!
Addison and Bryce keeping a safe distance from the horse
Colt and Collin
I can only imagine what it will be like when these two turn 16!
Collin sat on the four wheeler, jeep or gator most of the night even to eat his snack!
Addison ate a whole bowl of guacamole
Bryce and Kelcie
Addison enjoyed the tricycle too!
Cowboy Bryce
Cowboy Bryce and Cowgirl Addison
Cowboy Collin
Thank you for inviting us to your party Cowboy Caleb!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Happy Belated Valentine's

Yes, I know its March but I just downloaded several pictures from my camera and found this picture that was taken on Valentine's Day. I thought it was too cute not to share! 
Just hanging out on their playset eating their puppy dog valentine cookies.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

So I guess I lied!

In my last post I mentioned that Addison had a great platelet count but two other levels were low. Dr. Lakshmi did a blood test that day and called me yesterday with the results. Addison's hemoglobin was low and she feels she is anemic. She wants us to put Addison on a high protien diet and she called in a perscription for iron supplements. We will see Dr. Lakshmi again in 3 months so we can check her levels again but hopefully this shouldn't be an ongoing thing like the platelets were. Thankfully this is treatable and non life threatening but it is one more hurdle we have to cross!