Friday, March 26, 2010


Our big boy is finally getting a tooth! It is one of his bottom teeth and I knew when his teeth started to come in he would not handle it well. Last night he was up at 1:00am fussing. Addison and Collin didn't fuss about their bottom teeth but I have a feeling Bryce is going to be fussy with every tooth he gets. He is trying to get up on his knees and move now. He can only go backwards and can get into a sitting position but it won't be long before he is taking off. I feel so bad for him because Addison and Collin will follow me into the kitchen and Bryce will be left in the living room by himself. When he realizes everyone is gone he gets so upset. He also pulls up on things now and is getting a little more steady when he's standing.  
He has so much hair now and daddy likes to spike it up!
Going backwards!

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