Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Eve the kids wore their Santa pajama's to bed and were excited about the presents Santa was going to bring them Christmas morning. When asked what Santa was going to bring them they said "presents"! Santa was happy to not have high expectations this year!

We are still alive just extremely busy!

I probably no longer have followers since its been a month since my last post but we've been a little busy the last month. Here is a recap since my last post:
  • We celebrated Daddy and Aunt Lindsey's birthday
  • Attended a few birthday parties for our classmates
  • Watched the christmas stroll parade
  • Attempted pictures with Santa (attempted is the key word)
  • Took family pictures for our christmas cards
  • Went to several Christmas parties
  • Looked at Christmas lights at Santa's Wonderland
  • Bought a new house and MOVED (yes right before Christmas)
  • and Celebrated Christmas!
Needless to say it has been a very busy month and we are still busy unpacking and celebrating Christmas. I will do my best to update the blog with pictures soon.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thanksgiving Tailgate

I'm a little behind on my post but we had a wonderful Thanksgiving tailgating with family and friends. At the last minute my dad got tickets for Steven and I to go to the game so we enjoyed tailgating with the kids, got them back to Brenham and then made it back to watch an intense football game between Texas aTm and Texas.
The Wilde Family
Dad and my cousin Michael 
Michael is in the drum line for the UT band so we had fun with the "house" divided
Our cute little aggie!
Addison and Bryce "driving" grandpa's bus. All three spent a lot of time driving! Hopefully grandpa doesn't have cheetos in his air vents this week!
I made these overalls for my now 13 yr old nephew when he was about 2 so my sister thought it was time for Bryce to wear them. He did look pretty cute!
My cousin Michael with his cousin Joseph from Ireland who came to be Michael's body guard
My cousin Matthew had fun with the kids.
Collin wearing Michael's "yee haw" hat as he calls it! 

Thanks to my Mom and Dad for the tickets, we enjoyed the game!
Ready for the game to start!
The Texas band gave a stand up performance and thanked the aggies for the memories!
The final score wasn't the outcome we were hoping for but it was a memorable game! Thanksgiving just won't be the same without this rivalry. 

Friday, November 25, 2011

We are thankful!

At the kids school they had displayed several art projects and what they were thankful for during open house. I think our three had the family covered!
Addison is thankful 4 her brothers!
Bryce is thankful 4 mommy!
Collin is thankful 4 daddy!
Collin showing off a painting!
Bryce showing mommy his apple turkey!
Addison showing mommy her turkeys!
Bryce, Addison, and Collin's Hand Turkey's

We hope everyone had a blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Ring Dunk

It's a tradition when you receive your Aggie Ring that you dunk your ring in beer. Lindsey kept to tradition and dunked her ring after the game with her childhood friend Dixie. Both girls are not really fans of beer so they filled their mugs with a little less than the traditional 4 beers! The tailgate was so much fun that Bryce fell asleep in Kelcie's arms and Addison and Collin did everything they could not to fall asleep. 
The Dunkin Duo - Dixie and Lindsey
She was extremely nervous about dunking her ring
She did it like a pro
Lindsey and Dixie with their rings
The large group that attended the party to watch the dunkin duo
A happy Bryce with Aunt Alison
The Siemsglusz Family
Kelcie with about 30lbs of dead weight! Thank you Kelcie!
A cute and happy little girl!
Aunt Lindsey!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Aggie Ring Day

An Aggie Ring is a treasured possession among Aggies and when an Aggie completes enough hours to receive their ring its a big deal! Aunt Lindsey received her Aggie ring Friday and we could not be more proud of her! The alumni center was packed with thousands of people as our group of 13 (Lindsey, Travis, Alan, Myrna, Alison, Kevin, Sally, Gary, Steven, Adrienne, and the triplets) attempted to make our way in to watch Lindsey receive her ring. After she got her ring we headed back to her apartment where Travis had a wonderful meal waiting for us. 
Waiting for Lindsey's number to be called
Collin, Addison and Bryce were mesmerized by the crowds of people, the singing cadets and everything else going on.
The Siemsglusz Family as we waited for Lindsey's number to be called
Lindsey and her Dad (Papa)
Lindsey and Collin saying "Gig'em" while we waited in line
Signing for her ring
Her proud dad putting the ring on her finger
A group shot right after Lindsey got her ring
The Ring
The cookie cake and cookies
Addison trying on Lindsey's ring
Bryce thought he was getting a ring too! He kept saying "Bice get wring too". As we went in the people putting stamps on the paperwork gave Bryce and Collin an aggie ring stamp. They were both very proud of their stamps.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Last week Steven and I met with the kids teacher, Mrs. Schmidt, for our parent teacher conference. She agreed that we have three very different individuals even though they are triplets! These are some of the things we discussed:

  • is very timid yet attentive to what the teacher is doing or saying.
  • doesn't talk much but has recently started saying "just fine" when asked "hello frisky frog how are you"!
  • will clap and dance to participate
  • still "me centered"
  • follows routines and directions 
  • is doing well with using the potty
  • will listen with interest to stories read aloud
  • is respectful
  • has a difficult time dealing with his emotions (a polite way of saying he can throw major tantrums when he gets upset about something)
  • is a pleaser
  • comprehends and communicates well
  • a little more cautious about things
  • did really well at catching and throwing in gross motor (which daddy was very proud of)
  • still "me centered"
  • colored a picture and identified it as a "circle" and the color "green"
  • Mrs. Schmidt said during story time Bryce will sometimes lay down and do his own thing (day dream or what ever) but is never disruptive
  • is fearless
  • confident
  • doesn't like to clean up
  • can gallop, jump and hop
  • communicates the best (out of the three of them)
  • still learning to control his feelings and use his words to resolve conflict (we have had a few problems with biting)
  • for following classroom routines and directions Mrs. Schmidt said "he does his own thing"
  • colored a picture and identified it as a "picture" and identified one as a "leaf" and the other as a "circle"
If you know our children you know that the teachers have identified the three of them pretty well! We are so fortunate to have such loving and caring teachers to take care of our children, the kids love Mrs. Schmidt (Ms. Mit) and Mrs. Connie (Ms. Tonnie) which makes taking them to school that much easier. The teachers have made this transition for all of us a great experience.

Monday, November 7, 2011

School Pictures

The kids had school pictures for the first time and you can actually see their personalities through the pictures we received today.
Addison looks a little shy with a big bruise on her fore head!
Bryce is all smiles!
Silly Collin must have thought something was funny!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

More Halloween Pictures

Here are a few pictures I got from Alan's camera on Halloween night.

Dorothy looks a little lost!
 The scarecrow is ready to get his hat off!
Our ferocious Lion! 
Enjoying a Halloween treat at Grandpa's House