Sunday, March 28, 2010


Collin is getting two more teeth for a total of 8 now! Collin has been a trooper with his teeth and only a little fussy when he got his top teeth but we haven't been that lucky with his two new teeth. Up until now we had a total of 8 teeth (Addison 2 + Collin 6) and I thought we were going to get through this teething thing easy but I guess they fooled me. Between Bryce and Collin we have been up at least 2 hours a night. Hopefully this phase will pass quickly and we will survive!
The many faces of Collin, our comical baby! He makes the funniest faces and has started this new anger face were he makes a fist and grits his teeth together but I think he does it all for the laughs. As soon as I get it on camera I'll post pictures.
Now that he is crawling he is exploring everything including the dishwasher
As I feed Addison and Bryce lunch I turned around to check on Collin and found him asleep, I guess we played too hard that morning!

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Jess said...

Girl, I feel your pain. Jake's bottom teeth were nothing compared to this. Hope it passes for all of us quickly! Love that silly Collin, by the way!