Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tailgating 2011

Aggie tailgates are something we have taken the kids to since they were about 4 months old. This year was a little easier because they were able to run and play with their cousins without us following them around. They played so hard and didn't stop for a nap so we had three tired and worn out kids by the end of the day!
The Siemsglusz Family at Whoopin' Wilde Tailgate 2011
The kids all know how to say gidd'em addies (gig'em aggies). Collin especially loves his gidd'em hat!
PawPaw holding Bryce, Addison and Collin
Colton and Collin putting together a fire truck
Bryce wanted mommy to take his picture 
Addison saying "cheese"
Collin and his daddy playing football
Bryce playing in the ice
All of the cousins enjoyed playing football together

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Watch out don't let that bunny get you!

I've chose to share this story so we are able to look back at it for years to come so please do not judge us for our poor parenting technics or report us to child protective services for what you are about to read. We have this hide and seek bunny that was given to the kids as a gift. It has a carrot and your supposed to hide with the carrot and the bunny will come find you. It will cover its eyes with its ears while you hide and then the ears go up and it starts to move to come find you. I have to admit this bunny is not a cute and fluffy bunny its more of a chucky type creature! The kids have been terrified of this bunny ever since we got it. I could not keep them out of the snack cabinet one day so I decided to put the bunny in the cabinet. When they opened the door they quickly closed it back and took off running and crying. Ever since we have used it when we want them stay out of something. The other day they were in the garage and would not come in so we made the threat that they better get inside or that bunny's going to get you. It worked like a charm and they were in the house in no time. On one hand this bunny has become a great tool for Steven and I but I do feel a little bad that we may be scarring our children for life! When the bunny came out the other day Addison jumped on the couch, Collin hid behind a chair and Bryce was frozen in fear. When the bunny moved they screamed and cried so we put the bunny away and everything was okay. I just pray we don't give our children night mares over this scary bunny!  

Sunday, September 18, 2011


It's Washington County Fair time and that means lots of animals, carnival food, and the lights and sounds of the carnival rides. We made an attempt at going to the fair on Wedenesday but after we had a blow out on the wagon we had a change of plans and went Saturday instead. The wagon worked perfect for our bags and keeping the kids contained so I'm glad we waited until our wagon tire was fixed! The kids enjoyed looking at the animals and eating fair food. The frisbee dog show was a big hit with the kids, they had front row seats standing along the short fence and they clapped and laughed at the dogs tricks. They were a little affraid of the animals in the petting zoo but quickly petted a few of the animals before we left. We watched the crazy tractor races and walked through the carnival. Their faces were frozen in shock of all the rides and sounds, Bryce stuck his fingers in his ears as we walked through the carnival and said it was loud. I asked several times if they wanted to ride a ride and all they did was stare at the rides, I'm sure we will be dragging them away from the rides in a few years!  
All three got to pet the rabbits and thought it was funny
Watching the tractor races
In awe of the carnival
Having a little fair food with Uncle Jon 
Front row for the frisbee dog show 
My boys
With the really big dog
Collin petting a pig
Addison and Collin having fun in the petting zoo 
Bryce trying to keep his distance from the animals

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday School

I am ashamed to admit that over the last two years we have not attended church on a regular basis. Not that we haven't tried but when they were smaller it was either feeding time, nap time or we just needed our sleep. Needless to say getting three kids under the age of two to behave and sit still in church didn't provide us with a spiritual feeling and just left us stressed. Even though we haven't attended church like we would like we have tried our best to instill our religious values in our children by teaching them to be kind to others and to say their prayers. Sending them to a religious school was also important to help teach them Gods love. Now that they are two they are able to attend Sunday School for the first time. Steven and I went along and enjoyed seeing them interact with others.
The family before opening service
Addison sitting with Daddy listening to the story
Collin enjoyed the songs in opening service 
When Mr. Mueller asked for a helper Collin ran to sit next to him. Can you tell he is listening intently!
It was a big class of 2 and 3 year olds!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Weekend Guest

Last weekend Daddy had his fantasy football draft with the guys. Our good friends the Beaird's were in town for the draft and got to stay the weekend with us. Their little girl Adyson just turned two so we had 4 two year olds and 4 adults in the house all weekend. The kids did great playing together and it was great catching up with our friends. 
Addison, Adyson, Bryce and Collin having a snack 
The girls swimming 
Collin being silly 
A cold Collin trying to warm up 
These two snuck into the yummy homemade ice cream 
Friends having fun swinging 
Taking a bath together after a long day of playing
Giving each other hugs before bed time 
Addison and Adyson loving on each other