Wednesday, March 10, 2010

9 Months Old

I'm a little behind on this post but Addison, Bryce and Collin turned 9 months old Sunday/Monday. Its hard to believe I need to start thinking about their 1st birthday already! We had our 9 month check up Tuesday and everyone had a good report. We didn't need shots this time but they did draw blood, just a little finger prick so nothing too tramatic.
It is still very difficult to get them to hold still, look at the camera and smile for a pictures so we did the best we could!

Here are a few things Addison is doing now:
-she loves to be held
-a momma's girl
-always worried about her brothers
-talks a lot (blah, blah, blah)(da, da, da)(ma, ma, ma)
-will crawl up on my leg, the couch, etc.
Addison's weight is 17.2lbs. (10%tile)
Addison's length is 26 inches (10%tile)

Here are a few things Bryce is doing now:
-sleeping more on his tummy
-he will stiffen up when you try to make him sit
-loves when I say "Mama" and smiles from ear to ear
-still has no teeth but it doesn't stop him from eating everything
-loves to jump in the entertainer (and it is loud)
-will talk a little (blah, blah, blah)
Bryce's weight is 20.10lbs. (40%tile)
Bryce's length is 27 1/2 inches (25%tile)

Here are a few things Collin is doing now:
-crawling everywhere and getting faster
-has 6 teeth (4 on top and 2 on the bottom)
-can stand in his crib now (thank goodness Steven lowered the beds a few weeks ago)
-he loves cords so we have had to do a little child proofing but he still seems to find them!
-he is pulling up on things
-talking a little (da, da, da)(ma, ma, ma)
Collin's weight is 16.12lbs (10%tile)
Collin's length is 26 inches (3%tile)

They have become more aware of each other and really enjoy playing together. They get very concerned about each other when someone is crying or laugh at each other when they are jabbering about something. Addison and Bryce's high chairs are next to each other and she is always leaning forward checking on him. They are all eating puff's, yogurt bites and have tried a few table foods (green beans, carrots, potatoes). Their favorite video is Calm Baby, this is the only way I can get something done! It really does calm them down and they are just fasinated with it (I would highly recommend to any new parent). They love bath time and have a good time splashing and getting Daddy wet!


Jaime said...

Tell me more about this "Calm Baby". I am dying for Walker to notice the TV and so far nothing. NOTHING. I just need a 10 minute show so I can load the dishwasher!

Ann Hammitt said...

I love how Collin is practically smiling in the picture while his blood is getting drawn. Too funny!