Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Birthday

Friday was Steven's birthday and Monday is Aunt Lindsey's birthday. It was a busy weekend with Thanksgiving, A&M tailgating, and a couple of birthdays but we enjoyed spending 4 1/2 days together as a family. I am looking forward to Christmas break when we are all home together again. Steven we LOVE you and we thank you for all you do for us. I could not ask for a better husband and father to our babies! We hope you enjoyed your long birthday weekend.

Aunt Lindsey has birthday Monday and we hope she has a wonderful day! We LOVE having Lindsey around to help out with the babies, she is so energetic and can make the babies laugh and smile. Before you know it the babies will be old enough to go out for ice cream with Aunt Lindsey. We hope you have a great day and a good week at school!  

We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Crazy Momma

Most of you will think I am a crazy momma or wonder how I have the time but I've been making Tu-Tu's. I started out making a tu-tu for Addison, then I made a couple for a friend and now I'm selling them at a local downtown business, Sweet Repeats. I love being crafty and these are so fun to make. It gives me an excuss to not clean the house, wash bottles, etc. It is my mommy time when the babies are sleeping or when Steven gets home. With that being said if you need a Christmas gift for a cute little girl this may just be what your looking for. Please do not feel obligated to buy but if you are interested send me an email. Below are some that I've already made, I can make any color or size.

Monday, November 23, 2009

First fight over a toy

Here lately we seem to have a lot of play time on the floor. It is funny to watch all three of them together. Bryce still tries so hard to roll over, he is so close it is only a matter of time. Collin and Addison seem to be a little more interactive playing on the floor together. Collin's hand will end up in Addison's mouth or vice-versa. Saturday Addison was playing with her favorite toy, plastic keys, when Collin reached out and somehow got his hand through the ring of the keys. Addison continued to fight to get the keys to her mouth and Collin couldn't figure out why she was pulling on his arm. I don't think Collin ever realized he even had the keys but he was not happy with her.
This fight was cute but I'm sure we will have many more in the future that we won't think are so cute.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


If you read my last post you know how much I love our babies so I couldn't resist sharing a few pictures!

Collin, Addison, Bryce

Bryce being serious!

Tummy time for Collin

Sleepy baby Collin

Happy little girl

Bryce eating carrots for the first time

Tummy time for Addison

One Year Part 3

My blog has turned into a journal that I would like to make into a book for the babies. With that being said I wasn't sure I want to tell this part of our story or let others know about it but it was an important part of our journey. Everything we have gone through has made me appreciate life so much more and this was a key part of that.

On this day last year we went to the fertility specialist to get our first ultrasound. I will never forget being on the table and the doctor counting 1, 2, 3 babies. Although I was relieved that he didn't continue to count I remember sitting up and feeling a gloom come over the room. The doctor turned serious and started throwing out words like prematurity, mental retardation, cerebral palsy, selective reduction, hospitalization, etc. This is when he explained that we had a 50/50 chance of having 3 healthy babies or having 3 babies with life long problems. In the first trimester we were told we had an 80% chance of something going wrong. He told us stories of people that unfortunately had 3 unhealthy babies or lost all three babies. Although the stories were horrifying I later appreciated the stories because it made me a little more cautious in my pregnancy. From the time the doctor counted until I got out of the office into the car I did not say one word and for anyone that knows me you know that is no small task for me to keep my mouth shut. When we got to the car Steven and I were both in shock and Steven said "well are you going to say anything", I immediately started to cry and the only thing I could say was "what are we going to do"! I think I cried half way home. I was thrilled to be pregnant but now I was worried that we would have three unhealthy babies that we would care for the rest of our lives. Then the thought of how are we going to support three babies, our house is too small, our car is too small, daycare, diapers, college tuition times three what will we do. We have been very blessed through our pregnancy and I am comforted that we will continue to be blessed as our children grow.

The next day I remember having a major panic attack, I was crying hysterically and had to call the doctors office because I was worried I would have a miscarriage because I was so upset and I couldn't talk to anyone about it because I couldn't tell anyone I was pregnant with three babies. When I got the nurse on the phone I was crying so hard I couldn't breathe. Looking back now I think I was totally ridiculous but I had a lot of hormones raging through my body that I was not able to control it. The nurse asked "is this about what you found out yesterday" I thought no I just wanted to call and say hi, uh yeah I was freaking out just a little please calm me down! The next day I was still going to the doctor every other day and they barely let me sign in before they called me back to see the doctor. Steven thought I should call every day before I have an appointment so I can get in quicker but I think they didn't want me freaking out their other patients! After this we began seeing high risk doctors and getting ultrasounds every two weeks to check the babies. Looking at my three healthy, beautiful babies now I am so grateful that God has blessed us so much and remembering this day is very emotional for me because I know it could have turned out totally different. I am also thankful that Steven and I had our freak out moments at different times. Steven had his panic attack when we brought home Addison and Bryce and this is obviously when I had my panic attack. I love Steven even more for putting up with me through that time. There were times in the pregnancy that I think he thought it was going to be a long 9 months but we survived and I love him and our three babies very much!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

One Year Ago Continued

On November 10th last year we got the best news, WE WERE PREGNANT! We still did not know what the future had in store for us but we were ecstatic that we finally got the news that we had hoped for so long. After the transfer day I continued to see our fertility doctor in the Woodlands every other day to monitor my levels. I also continued shots to help prevent a miscarriage. They started checking my HCG levels on November 5th at that time my level was an 8, on the 7th it was 66.8 and by the 10th the number went up drastically to 471. The nurses told me "it maybe multiples" because my levels were increasing so fast. I kind of got my hopes up that maybe it was twins but it still never crossed my mind that it could really be three. When I got the phone call that afternoon I was not expecting for them to know I was pregnant yet so the news took me by surprise. I was so excited I immediately called Steven and told him he was going to be a dad! When I came home he was waiting for me with flowers and a bottle of sparkling grape juice.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

5 months old

The babies are 5 months old today! They are really starting to get their own personalities and we just love them more and more everyday!
Addison loves to smile, watch mommy and daddy, and today she rolled over from her back to her tummy. Just this week she has found her voice and is finally talking. Her voice started out as this cute petite little girl voice but she is all girl and it quickly turned into a yell, like "hey pay attention to me"! It's still very cute and if I could figure out how to upload video's to the blog I could post her "talking". At the doctor this week she weighed 14lbs. (10lbs. more than her birth weight).
Bryce is a big boy and he is either in a really good mood or a really bad mood. He loves his swing, he cracks us up when he talks and rambles on and he can also give the cutest smiles. He can roll over to his side but his belly stops him from rolling over. He hates tummy time and will only stay on his belly for a short period of time. He has passed up his brother and sister and is now in 3-6 month clothes and he weighed 16 1/2 lbs. this week.
Collin is still our little guy but is definitely our fighter. He was the first to roll over from back to front and has rolled from his tummy to his back a few times. He loves his hands and is content just laying there sucking on his hands. He fights going to sleep but eventually wears himself out. When he is really tired he is a sweet little cuddle bug. He weighed exactly 10lbs. more than his birth weight and was 12lbs. 15oz.
This week we started feeding them more cereal and went back to feeding them by spoon. The doctor suggested we feed them breakfast and dinner so they get used to having three meals a day. For breakfast they have cereal with applesauce and another feeding of cereal in the evening. It has taken them a little time to get used to the consistency of the cereal but they are getting the hang of it. Since Bryce is a little bigger the doctor said we may need to add in some vegetables at lunch. We haven't tried it yet but will probably start that soon. We hope that this will help the sleeping through the night but so far no luck!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Cuties

On Friday the boys were dressed up as ghost and Addison was a pumpkin to go see Steven at school for Fall Follies.
Adrienne with Bryce and Steven with CollinSteven and Bryce
On Saturday we had a halloween birthday party and then made our rounds visiting family and friends to show off our cute peas in a pod.
Addison, Bryce, and CollinAddisonBryceCollinMia and AddisonAunt Alison and AddisonGrandma Siemsglusz and AddisonAdrienne and CollinCousins Brandon, Addison, Dalton, Bryce, Tegan, Collin and Colton

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Collin rolled from his back to his stomach for the first time Friday, October 30th. We were at BES to see Steven and Colton (my nephew) in the Fall Follies Parade. After the parade we made a stop in Steven's office. I had a blanket on the floor to change babies and Collin was laying on the blanket while Steven and I sat and talked. As we were talking we were both watching him roll from side to side, something he has started to do so we knew he was getting close to rolling over. We were so excited to both be there to see him do this for the first time and we are so proud of our little man!