Sunday, December 19, 2010

17 & 18 Months Old

Since I never made a post with the triplets 17 Month Old picture I decided I would just combined it with their 18 Month post.
Collin, Addison and Bryce at 17 Months Old
Addison, Bryce and Collin at 18 Months Old

Addison, Bryce and Collin are very busy 18 month olds. They love to watch out the window when someone is coming to the door or leaving. They understand a lot and will go get things we ask for like a ball, blanket, pillow, baby, etc. They will make sounds like a puppy dog, choo choo, moo cow, and baa like a goat. They can say a few words like bye bye, Daddy, Mama, and sometimes no but mostly still babble or talk in their own language. They play well together if Mommy and Daddy aren't in the room, if we are around they are fighting over our attention!  

-is very strong willed and will throw a fit if things don't go her way!
-loves girly things and sports her bracelets and purse like she is a princess
-clings to Mommy and sometimes Daddy in places with a lot of people
-loves books
-loves her blankets and will carry them around not letting go even if she is doing other things
-will help gather things like bottles

-weighs 27lbs (I only know his because he went to the doctor this week)
-loves when his Daddy tickles his tummy
-will hide and sit really quiet and still so he can't be found
-is usually the first to wake up
-is very easy going and will go with the flow

-will sit and try to put his pants, shoes, and socks on all by himself. Even Mommy, Daddy and Addison's shoes.
-is very mean to Bryce and Addison and will hit, kick, bite, and pull them down to the floor.
-likes to say Daddy
-is so cute shaking his finger "no"
-likes to make others laugh

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Decorations

This year I have been looking forward to Christmas and how excited the babies would be when they saw the lights and Santa and all the presents under the tree. I was so excited I got out the Christmas decorations the week before Thanksgiving. I have gone all out and decorated a little in each room thinking the babies would be in awe of the lights and sparkle but much to my disappointment they pay very little attention to it (which is probably best). In reality they are still not going to realize that Santa came and left their presents under the tree, the boxes and paper will be more fun than the actual gifts and you saw their reaction to Santa but none the less I've tried to make it special!
The Christmas Tree in our living room. 
We put this gate around the tree to keep the babies from getting to the tree, its not pretty but it works!
The wreath I made out of coffee filters (with help from Shelby and Robyn)
I also made this JOY banner from hymnal pages
and put this wreath together!
Now the stress of finding the perfect gift for everyone on our list!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Santa Pictures

Saturday we took the babies downtown to see Santa and lets just say they weren't too fond of the white bearded man in the red suit! I kind of expected the tears and screaming so that didn't bother me but it drives me crazy that they put their hands in their mouth anytime we try to get pictures! Like my friend Jamie says, maybe next year!
Addison immediately didn't want anything to do with Santa. Bryce and Collin took a good look and then decided they didn't want to sit with Santa either!
At least we got everyone looking at the camera!
Before seeing Santa we attempted a family picture!
After we saw Santa we walked around downtown and let the babies get out some energy. We thought the downtown Christmas tree would be a good photo opportunity but they were having too much fun to sit still for a picture. 
Addison running around the Christmas tree.
Bryce throwing the tree ornaments, he thought they were balls, thank goodness they were shatter proof!
Collin looks sad but he had fun!