Sunday, November 25, 2012

Meet our Elf

Jack In The Box
We have had our Elf on the Shelf for a few years now but this is the first year that the kids have really understood the story and the purpose of the elf. We read the story and named our elf Jack In The Box. Addison was the one that chose the name but the boys agreed so that's what we've named him. Not real sure where she came up with the name thought? The kids are so excited about Jack In The Box and find him every morning then come screaming "Mommy come see Jack In The Box"! We've also used him numerous times during fights, tantrums or bedtime to get the kids to mind. Its worked pretty well so far but we will see how long it last!  It also helps having Santa "on call" with a handy little iPhone app :)
The kids playroom Christmas Tree
This is also the first year that we were able to decorate a tree together as a family. I bought special ornaments for each of them and we let them decorate their playroom tree. Most of the ornaments ended up in the same spot but it looked good once we were done.
I have to admit that I'm getting pretty excited about Christmas this year, its something about the joy, excitement, and innocence of a child that makes this time of year such a magical time.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Reunited with Grandpa

It's pretty rare that we go a week without seeing Grandpa but when Grandpa got sick recently we kept our distance. After two weeks of being sick with some sort of infection Grandpa ended up in the hospital in critical care for about two weeks. The infection did some damage to Grandpa's heart and he had to have one surgey to make his heart beat better. He's finally home so we can see him but the doctors are still trying to make him better. He has medicine going in his arm and we took Grandpa to see his doctor the other day. When the doctor says the infection is all gone Grandpa will have to have another surgey on his heart. We are just happy we get to see Grandpa again but we hope Grandpa gets all better soon!
Reunited with Grandpa
While Grandpa was in the hospital Mommy and Daddy were able to go see him but we couldn't go to the hospital so we got to spend time with friends and family. We had a lot of fun. Here are some pictures that we texted Mommy and Daddy so they could show Grandpa.
Having dinner at Aunt Dee's
And building forts with Tegan and Brandon
We had dinner with Emmie and Ashton then went to a football game
We spent the day wearing out these big kids.
Sara, Christopher, Catherine and Megan
And made a video for Grandpa!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

It's the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!

Mishka Mushka, Mickey Mouse!
Collin, Addison and Bryce love The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse so I thought it was only fitting for them to be Mickey's and Minnie Mouse for Halloween. After searching the web for cute costumes online I thought I could make something cuter so with the help of Granny we made their costumes. We were warned that the traffice thru our neighborhood is a little crazy on Halloween so we decided to keep it simple and just trick or treat thru the neighborhood. Our neighbors got together for dinner so we had a quick bite to eat before we walked door to door. And by the nights end we had three bags full of candy!
Our cute Mickey
Our Minnie Mouse
Our silly Mickey
Bryce and Colton handing out candy in our drive way
The kids had a lot of fun going door to door trick or treating
Collin did a great job at saying "trick or treat"
Addison would get upset because she would forget to tell them "thank you" and she would want to go back so she could tell them.
As we walked the neighborhood there were some pretty scary costumes. At one point Addison saw a kid in a scream costume and came running up to me and said "Mommy I saw a ghost, I don't like ghost Mommy!" She stayed close by the rest of the night and luckily we were home before it many scary big kids came out!
And I had to include these cute trick or treaters!