Thursday, April 19, 2012


I'm way behind on posting so I'll make this short and sweet. We had a great time celebrating Easter with family and friends. After 6 egg hunts we have more candy than we could eat in a year and three kids that are masters at egg hunting!
Egg Hunt #1
With a neighborhood of 2 year olds we had to have a neighborhood egg hunt!
Bryce with a basket full of eggs
Egg Hunt #2
It was fun watching a class of 2 year olds hunt for eggs!
Addison and Collin had to open each egg to see what was in it.
Egg Hunt #3
At our church egg hunt the kids played games and had a lot of fun! 
Petting a real bunny!
Collin showing off his throwing skills at the bean bag toss
Egg Hunt #4 and #5
At Aunt Dee's we had two egg hunts with the our cousins one that afternoon and another one after dark with glow in the dark eggs!
Granny and Addison
The Siemsglusz Family
Collin and Daddy
The glow in the dark eggs were fun for everyone
Egg Hunt #6
at the Siemsglusz family gathering

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Frisky Frog Easter Party

Catherine and I were "party moms" for the class Easter party. We prepared goldfish carrots, butterfly grapes, cookies and bunny cups for juice.  This was the first class party that I attended so I had fun seeing the kids interact with friends and listen to their teachers.  
We also made these for their friends to take home
The class enjoyed their snacks
Collin, Mommy and Addison
Bryce and Mommy
 Addison and Ella ready for the egg hunt
 Collin and Addison had to show me each egg they picked up

Monday, April 2, 2012

Bluebonnet Pictures 2012

It's been difficult to get pictures of our trio lately but I still wanted pictures in the bluebonnets. We went after church and the kids complained that "its to bright" and "it hurts my eyes" so we thought we would try again later. We made it back right before sun down, shortly after we started taking pictures a train came along and the kids got scared. The train wasn't that close but it caused a big distraction. We were still able to snap a few pictures that turned out decent. HAPPY SPRING EVERYONE!

Scared of the train!
Bryce covered his ears and kept saying "it loud", it took us a while to convince him to put his hands down. Addison and Collin cried!