Thursday, December 31, 2009

Such a big day for a little girl!

It was a big day for Addison, this morning we realized she got her first tooth and then she got her ears pierced this afternoon. She was a brave little girl and didn't fuss until we held her down, once we let go she quit crying and was fine. Steven had to come along to hold her down and I have to say he did better than I would of, after looking at the pictures I think it hurt Steven a little to see his little girl having to go through that but she sure looks cute with her earings.

Her right ear had to be pierced twice because the lady made the hole to high (despite the markings she made), she assured me that it wouldn't hurt her and the first hole would heal quickly. It was obvious enough that Steven could see the difference and I figured it would bother me if we didn't fix it. I can't even tell where the first hole was so I'm sure it will be fine.

Tooth count:
Addison = 1
Bryce = 0
Collin = 2

Health update:
After 2 trips to the clinic, 3 trips to the pharmacy, and blood work we have discovered that we had our first viral attack. All three babies are finally starting to feel better but are still not 100%.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tis the season be sick! I'm not sure if its something we caught from all of our Christmas visits or if its this cold nasty weather but by Christmas day Addison had a runny nose, cough and congestion by Sunday it turned into a fever. So Monday morning we were at the clinic, got antibiotics and on our road to recovery. Well not so quickly, with three little ones we do all we can to try and confine the illnesses to one child but by Monday evening Collin began to run fever! This morning I made the phone call to the clinic so they could call something in for us. Well of course it can't stop there because this afternoon I took Bryce's temperature and he had a little fever too. Surprisingly they all act like they feel fine, maybe not as many smiles as we normally get but still in a good mood. The hardest part is keeping up with all of the medicine, each of them have congestion medicine, antibiotics, and Tylenol so it can get a little confusing with three. Hopefully it won't last long and we will be back to normal soon!

Sunday, December 27, 2009


Earlier in the month we took the babies to see Santa for the first time. We didn't get any smiles but we didn't have crying! From what I hear Steven was not a big fan of Santa when he was little so I'm affraid next year may be a little difficult. Santa wasn't able to hold all three at one time so the group picture turned into a family picture but I thought it turned out pretty cute.

Addison with Santa

Bryce with Santa

Collin with Santa

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas!

We had a wonderful Christmas and hope that everyone else did too! We have celebrated with Granny & PaPa, Grandpa & Myrna, the Wellmann's and the Siemsglusz families, we missed the Schwartz family christmas but just weren't ready to make the long drive. We will celebrate one more christmas with the Wilde family on the 1st and thankfully everyone is coming to us so we don't have to make the drive with three little ones. With all of the Christmas celebrations the babies have had a lot of practice at opening gifts, they have been typical babies and prefered the paper and boxes over the presents but it sure was cute to watch them. The babies received a lot of great things for christmas including clothes, socks, shoes, toys, diapers, bibs and money. Steven and I weren't going to do much for the babies since they don't really know the difference and we thought they would get plenty from everyone else but Steven thought of a keepsake gift he wanted to give the boys so we decided to get each of them something "keepsake" that they will have for a long time. The boys got a set of 2009 baseball cards and Addison got her first pair of pearl earings and is getting her ears pierced. Steven has collected baseball cards for years and I think he was more excited about the boys gift than they were but hopefully one day they will enjoy them! 

Collin playing under the tree

Aunt Dee and Addison

Momma and Addison

Aunt Alison and Bryce

Bryce, Addison and Collin

Bryce enjoying the red tissue paper

Collin enjoying the red bow

The babies unwrapping their presents

The babies with their presents from mom and dad

More Christmas Pictures

Bailey and Collin

Jon and Bryce (right)

Jennifer and Collin

 Sheryl and Addison

Catherine with Addison and Lindsey with Bryce

Grandma Siemsglusz with Collin

Shelby with a happy Addison

 Grandma Wellmann with Addison

Blake with Bryce

Collin and Bryce opening gifts

Danna with Bryce and Grandpa Wellmann

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas with the Maurer's and Rau's

We celebrated Christmas with the Maurer's and the Rau's last night, we all went to high school together and now the four of them have become very good friends that we love so much! It is wonderful that we all have kids close in age and it will be so much fun to watch them grow up together.

Yes, there are 8 kids with one on the way! Kade with Bryce, Austin with Collin, Caleb, Avery with Addison and Brady (not pictured Melonie with baby Nate in her tummy)!
Avery, Addison, Caleb and Collin. Avery was so excited to see the babies she couldn't wait to get them out of their car seats.
 Dane with Brady and Bryce.
Kade and Avery helping Addison open her present.
Steven helping Bryce open his present.

Melonie and Addison
Jamie with Collin, Caleb and Avery

Frequent flier Mommy!

This morning we were all playing in the living room when Steven noticed Addison had blood in her ear. I immediately thought she scratched it because she scratched her other ear so I got a Q-tip and started cleaning it to see if I could see a scratch, well for a little girl it was a lot of blood and I couldn't see a scratch. She wasn't fussy so I didn't want to freak out but it was blood in her ear! Since we couldn't determine if the blood was coming from her ear canal we decided I should take her in. When we got to the Brenham Clinic the triage nurse took a look and thought that it was a lot of blood for a scratch but while waiting for Dr. Baker my friend Kristin came to check on us and she helped clean her ear a little more and took a peak at her ear drum. Of course when we got it cleaned up enough we discovered the SCRATCH! That's right I'm a new mommy and I freaked out over a scratch but this is some scratch because it is still bleeding. She just woke up from her nap with blood all over her ear again. I keep cleaning it but it is bleeding little by little. Dr. Baker said she would be fine. This is my second trip to the clinic in two weeks (Collin's bump was the 1st trip) so I'm going to have to learn not freak out so quickly because $25 a pop can get expensive for a scratch and I'm going to become known as one of those frequent flier mommies at the clinic! Good new is I got the finger nails clipped while waiting for Dr. Baker so no more scratches for a few days.

Monday, December 14, 2009

6 month check up

Today we had our 6 month check up and shots. Everyone is doing great and Dr. Draehn thinks we have three very healthy babies! Althought I took good pictures of the babies getting their shots I decided to share the pictures I took before the shots.

Addison entertained herself by playing with her keys. She weighed 14lbs 11oz.(25%) and was 24 1/2 inches long(10%).

Collin entertained himself by playing with his toes, his new fasination! He weighed 14lbs. 4oz.(50%) and was 25 inches long(10%).

Bryce was entertained by daddy. He weighed 16lbs.(25%) and was 26 1/4 inches long(50%), that's Bryce's weight not Steven's I don't think Steven would be very happy with me sharing his weight, ha-ha!

The Christmas Party season has begun!

Friday night Mommy and Daddy had some time away from the babies at Steven's work Christmas party. We had a good time while Grandpa and the aunts took care of the babies.

Sunday we had the Loesch family Christmas and Blake's(Steven's cousin) birthday party. There were a lot of new babies this year at the Loesch Christmas and of course we doubled those numbers. It was good to see everyone and we look forward to many Christmas gatherings this season.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bump on the head

I took Collin to the doctor today because yesterday I noticed he had a bump on his head. It is on the lower part of his head almost on his neck. He hadn't bumped his head on anything so it was a little strange that it appeared out of the blue. I wasn't really worried about it until last night when he got a little fussy. Well of course the doctors office was closed so I didn't know what to do, I called my friend Kristin ( who is a physican assistant at the clinic. She told me to watch him through the night and if it got worse to bring him to the er if needed. Well the night went fine and he didn't act like it bothered him but I decided to take him to the clinic just to ease my mind. I just took Collin so I got a little feel of what it would be like to just have one baby, it was kind of nice. Well my friend Kristin met me at Dr. Baker's office and helped out while I ate my lunch and talked to Dr. Baker. Come to find out it was a lymph node that is built up with fluid and it will get better in time. Its not causing any pain to Collin so that is all I am worried about.

Thank you Kristin for all your help!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

6 Months Old

It is hard to believe that the babies are 6 months old. It seems like yesterday they were little babies in the NICU. Now they are getting so big and doing so many things. The last 6 months has flown by which is scary to think in another 6 months they will be a year old, it will be here way to fast! 
The babies are starting to watch one another and will laugh, smile, or talk to one another. When one is crying they will watch each other like they are telling each other "its okay", "don't cry" or "what is wrong with you". They have started fruits and vegetables and so far have tried carrots, peas, applesauce and squash. They still aren't sleeping through the night but are getting better. If they wake up we can usually play the white noise and they will go back to sleep. Collin and Addison seem to be fasinated with each other and interact with each other a lot. I think in the future these two will be the ones that play well with each other until someone gets hurt!

Addison loves to put everything in her mouth and has started to reach out for things she wants. She plays like a big girl in the entertainer and has figured out most of the toys. She is definitely our princess, she loves to be held and if things don't go her way she'll let you know! She weighs about 15lbs.

Bryce is getting a lot of hair and it looks like it will be dark. We are still waiting on him to roll over and we aren't sure if it will ever happen. He is a big flirt and will give the cutest smiles. He also reaches out for things he wants to put in his mouth and the swing is still his favorite. He gets so excited when you get him out of bed or out of his swing. He weighs about 18lbs.

Collin is getting his first tooth. He loves to play in his entertainers and is a very content baby. He is continually trying to figure things out and will keep himself entertained for a long time, which is nice when you have 3 babies! He gets fussy when he is tired or hungry but so do I. He loves applesauce and didn't know what to think about squash but liked it better on the second try. He weighs about 15lbs.

We go to the doctor next Monday for their 6 month check up so we will see how accurate their weights are and give another update.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Guess who's getting a tooth?

COLLIN! It hasn't come in all the way but you can feel it. We thought Bryce may get the first tooth because he has been drooling a lot but Collin wasn't going to let that happen. At the rate we are going Collin is going to be the first at everything! As soon as the tooth is visible enough that I can take a picture I will make another post with pictures.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Babies first snow!

It snowed today in Brenham, it melted as soon as it hit the ground but it was coming down pretty hard for a while. It was beautiful watching from the the warmth of our home but I had to take the babies out so they could see their first snow. You really cannot see how hard it was snowing in the pictures but you can see the snow in my hair and on my jacket, it looks like dandruff but its really snow! The babies really didn't know what to think but they were checking it out.
Collin with Mommy in the snow!
Bryce with Mommy in the snow!
Addison with Mommy in the snow!