Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Pirates and Princesses

I can't believe the triplets are 4 years old! We celebrated with friends and family in our backyard with a pirate and princess party. It was a warm day but fun was had by all.
A "real" Princess and Pirate entertained the kids
Birthday Cakes

Collin blowing out his candles
Addison feeling special
Sweet Bryce
Cute little Princesses
The Siemsglusz Family in the photo booth
Silly Princess
Our birthday present build by Daddy and Wesley

Thursday, June 20, 2013

2nd Annual Memorial Day Parade

The neighborhood kids and friends got together once again to have a memorial day parade through the neighborhood. We had more participants than spectators but it was still a lot of fun.
Addison and her friend riding their bikes in the parade
Bryce rode in style
Collin drove his truck but was obviously too fast for me to get a picture of him.
Addison having a snack after the parade


We are so proud of our Aunt Lindsey who graduated from Texas A&M
with her bachelor and masters degree in accounting
Bryce Class of 2032
Collin Class of 2032
We celebrated with a crawfish boil with family and friends.
Addison was the only one brave enough to pick up a live crawfish.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Last Day of School

Our last day as frisky frogs with our teacher Mrs. Schmidt
Our first day of school

Our First Maifest

Our little lions and lioness ready for the parade to begin
The family after coronation

A beautiful little lioness
A cute little lion
A tired little lion
The lion group
Maifest is a great Brenham tradition and this was the first year the kids were able to participate. I wasn't sure how they would do but they loved it. They had fun playing with the other kids and it was a great way for them to take a step out of their comfort zone. The first practice they were a little shy and we had a few tears but after that they did great and enjoyed every bit of it.  

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Easter at Granny and Papa's

Our Family
Collin, Addison and Bryce with their loot from one of the two egg hunts.
The other was a glow in the dark hunt so I didn't get pictures of that.
The whole family
My sweet aunt and her boys joined us 
(and Joan whom I didn't get a good picture of) 
Silly Addison
My kids love their cousins

Monday, June 17, 2013

Going back a bit

Well I finally download pictures from my camera with pictures all the way from APRIL! That is not really like me but it has been a crazy couple of months. I'll try my best to recap the last few months and provide pictures that you all have been waiting for.

Collin, Addison and Bryce at their first soccer camp
 This was a fun day put on by the Washington County Soccer League and I thought we would take the kids to see how interested they would be in soccer since they can start playing in the fall. To our surprise Addison was the first one out there ready to play and participate. Collin cried for the first 30 minutes until Steven bribed him to go play. Bryce of course went with the flow, taking a few breaks. The coaches were awesome and in the end the kids all loved it!