Sunday, June 28, 2009

We survived!

Addison and Bryce were finally discharged Friday about 7:00pm and slept the whole way home. Collin cried as we put him back in his isolette, I think he knew we were all leaving him :( When we got home it was time to feed Addison and Bryce, we've feed them before but I guess we were a little nervous without the nurses there with us. It took us sometime to get organized but we did it. Like most new parents we didn't get much sleep Friday night and the babies probably sensed our fears because anytime we put them down they cried. Between every 3 hour feeding we each slept with a baby on our chest and we survived the night. Saturday got a little better, we figured out our routine and discovered the babies love their bouncers. Saturday night also went a little better, both babies slept good in their bassinets and mommy and daddy got a little sleep between feedings. We really miss Collin but are kind of glad we came home with only two babies, they don't out number us yet! Tomorrow we take Addison and Bryce to their first pediatricians visit at 7:30am, wish us luck!
Collin not happy that we are leaving him! Not sure why I'm smiling because I was sad to leave him.

Bryce ready to go home!

Addison ready to go home!

Our first family photo!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Coming Home

Today the fun begins! Addison and Bryce are being discharged and get to come home with Mommy and Daddy after only 19 days in the NICU. As I type I am in the NICU holding little Collin. I've already shed a few tears that I will have to leave him here today. All three are very healthy but Collin is still a little small. He is still in an isolette and as soon as he can gain another 300 grams he should be moved to a crib. The child loves to eat and wants more but the doctors are increasing his bottles slowly. The doctor predicted that he would gain enough this week to be moved to a crib and possibly come home soon after that.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Labor and Delivery

I promised this story a long time ago and am just getting around to posting it. I've had several people ask how the babies could have two different birthdays when we had a c-section and no it was not on purpose. Everything started Tuesday June 2, my doctor came to check me and said I was dilated to 4cm and I could possibly deliver within the day so she advised for me to call my husband. Well by Thursday I still hadn't delivered and my contractions were becoming very painful but still no change in my cervix so they refused to deliver. Friday, Saturday and Sunday they were giving me morphine to help with the contraction pain and probably checked my cervix a total of 6 or more times to see if there was a change but nothing was happening. On Sunday I started to feel like I was running fever I had the nurse take my temp. and I was running a low grade fever, throughout the day it continued to go up even with medication. At 10:45 the nurse took my temp. before I went to bed and it was over 101 she said "I need to call the doctor I don't think she will like this". At 11:00 the nurse was back in my room checking the babies heart rates that were rising and by 11:15 the doctor and resident were in my room saying "it is time to do this now"! By 11:30-11:45 I was in the operating room receiving my wonderful drugs that finally put a smile on my face. A team of over 20-30 doctors, nurses, etc. were assembled and the delivery was underway. The doctor said we may have two birthdays and we thought no way, what are the odds of that happening! Well it did, later we asked the doctor if she did it on purpose and she said no. She said she told herself she would deliver like she normally would and if it happened like that she wouldn't stop it. It never crossed our minds to request that she wait and deliver on the same day, and now we think it is a pretty neat story that Addison has her very own birthday.

Baby updates as of yesterday:
Addison is now in a crib and there is talk of her coming home with Bryce by the end of the week or beginning of next week. Collin had another A&B Monday night so he gets another 5 days plus he is still in his isolette. He has a little more weight to gain and needs to maintain his temperature. Overall everyone is doing good. The nurse told me yesterday she has never seen a set of triplets that have done as good as ours. We have been very lucky and blessed!!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Belated Father's Day and More

Happy Belated Father's Day to all the Daddy's out there especially the new Daddy in our family! Even though our babies are not home yet Steven has already proved to be a great dad. He loves spending time with the babies and is usually changing diapers, feeding, or just holding one of the babies. When we found out we were having triplets I had to keep telling myself that God would not give us more than we could handle and let me tell you I would not be able to do it without Steven. I'm sure its difficult for two people to manage with one newborn but with three it is definitely a team effort! Addison, Bryce and Collin are in love with their Daddy and so am I, thanks for being a great Dad!

Over the weekend a lot has happened at the hospital. Addison, Bryce and Collin are eating all 8 feedings from a bottle. Addison is still receiving OT services because she holds her breath when she eats. She is getting better and will hopefully grow out of it soon. Bryce was moved to a crib Sunday so he is one step closer to going home. The doctors think he could possibly come home in a week just depending on how the week goes. Steven and I are scheduled to take CPR and the car seat test Thursday and Friday which is necessary before they go home. Collin is growing fast, he is usually the one that gains the most weight but is still catching up to the other two. He is on manually temperature control in his isolette and doing good at maintaining his own temperature. As soon as Addison and Collin can gain enough weight and maintain their temperature they can be moved to a crib and be home shortly after Bryce.

Addison without her feeding tube!

Bryce in his "big boy" crib!

Collin without his feeding tube!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Quick Update

Tuesday Mom and I made a trip to see the babies. I was surprised to see Bryce off the bili lights so I was able to hold him. I took him out of his isolette and had him laying in my lap suddenly I felt something warm on my lap. You guessed it, he was peeing on me :) It wasn't much and I didn't care, I was just glad it wasn't poop! I did put him back in the isolette and let him finish his business then I changed his diaper for the first time. After he slept on my chest for a good hour I woke him up to feed him his bottle. He did pretty good but had a hard time staying awake, we eventually finished the feeding through his tube. Collin was still under the bili lights and kept taking his shades off. I feed him his bottle so he got to take the shades off during his feed but I felt bad when we had to put the shades back on and put him back under the lights. Mom sat with him a lot to keep putting his shades back on when he took them off. Collin did finish all of his bottle during his feed, the little guy needs more food! Maybe that will be increased today. I was also able to feed Addison her bottle with the occupational therapist, they did a few test on her. She did pretty good but had to finish the last few cc's through the feeding tube.

Today I just called to check on them. They all gained weight and Collin is off the lights now. Let's hope that this is the last time for the lights! I can't wait to see the babies tomorrow and hopefully I can talk Steven into going the next four days. I just can't get enough of them!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

One Week Old

It has been a busy week and everyday we see the babies I think we learn something new about their personalities and the adventures we have to look forward to. Addison is very laid back and getting spoiled already. The other day she threw an unexpected fit and the nurse came and pulled Steven from Bryce to go hold her. As soon as he held her she stopped crying and was happy as can be. Bryce is also very laid back, it cracks me up to watch him stretch because he will stick his legs and arms straight out and just leave them sticking straight in the air. Collin is definitely going to be our funny guy, the nurses always have a story to tell us about him. Friday the nurse said he had a dirty diaper, stuck his hand in his diaper and smeared his belly and probably all of his cords and wires with his own poo, glad we weren't there for that one!!! We decided to stay home Friday to have some time to unpack and get some rest but Saturday and Sunday we made the trip and spent most of the day with them. Sunday was an exciting day all three got to eat from a bottle for one feeding. Addison and Collin's nurse saved that first bottle for Steven and I to do and they did great. All of them finished a whole bottle without any problems so today they were bumped up to two bottles a day. The other six feedings are still done by the feeding tube. Sunday I also changed Addison's diaper for the first time but luckily it wasn't a messy diaper, I'm sure we will see plenty of those in the near future. When I called to check on them today Collin and Bryce had elevated bili levels and are being put back under the bili lights this afternoon. We still have a long check list of things to do before the babies get to come home so it maybe a couple of weeks before they are discharged. Steven and I both admitted to each other yesterday that we just wanted to sneak them out so hopefully they will continue to do well.

Friday, June 12, 2009

I'm home and the sobbing wasn't too bad!

Yesterday morning the doctor gave the okay for me to go home, it didn't take Steven long to have everything packed and ready to go. I think he was more excited to get out of there than I was. He stayed with me for a week and a half and started to go crazy about 3 days of being "trapped" there! He did make me feel better by giving me credit for "living" there for 2 months, he said he didn't know how I did it. The sweetest part of his "I love you" spill was "I'm sorry I when I didn't answer your phone calls", that little comment meant a lot.

Well back to leaving, after we got packed we went to the NICU to see the babies. Steven's aunt Dorothy came to visit so she made the trip to the NICU with us. Addison and Collin are still on the bili lights and Bryce came off the lights while we were there. We both held Bryce and got him to open his eyes for us. After holding him a while Steven thought we should put him back in his isolette. As we went to put him back he made the biggest chooing sound. Steven and I both stopped and enjoyed his "talking", it was so sweet and made it a little harder to leave. I teared up a couple of times saying bye to the babies but I know they are in the best of care. After visiting the babies we headed back to my room for the discharge paperwork. When my nurse came in with the paperwork all of the nurses had to come in and say their goodbyes and of course I cried again. You know you have been some place too long when the cleaning lady and the security guard all come to tell you goodbye too
I told Steven I was "trapped" there for so long and now I had the best of both worlds. I had my freedom, the nurses taking care of me, and I have my babies that I could go see at any time, now I didn't want to leave :( When we finally left I did pretty good until we drove past Texas Children's Hospital and I made the mistake of looking back. It only took a couple of miles for me to settle down. Trying to think of where I wanted to eat and the scenery helped distract me. I think I got teary eyed a couple of times on the way home but overall I think I did pretty good. !

We came home to "Welcome Home" signs in our front yard from our nieces and nephews, that was so sweet of them. I quickly realized I would have to readjust to somethings, the funniest was sitting on the toilet, I felt like I was going to fall on the floor. I guess I got used to the handicap toilets at the hospital. I hope that made everyone laugh and not think I'm crazy! The best part of the night was actually laying in my own bed with my husband. My thoughts quickly went to "who's going to make my bed in the morning?". I became so used to the nurses doing those "little" things for me that I guess I got spoiled. Steven quickly reminded me that we can make our own bed if we don't have residents waking us up at 5am, he's probably right!

Mommy & Daddy with Collin on bili lights

Daddy and Bryce

Addison on bili lights

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A long exhausting day

Addison, Bryce and Collin all have jaundice now and the lights on them. If this is the biggest problem they have I feel like we are extremely blessed. They are all eating well through the feeding tubes and have increased their CC's. The nurses say they like to eat! They are still losing weight but will hopefully start gaining soon. Bryce got moved to level 2 Tuesday night and we were told tonight that Addison and Collin may have a chance to move sometime tonight if the bed space is available.

My emotions are still way out of control with hormones but it is a very emotional experience going into the NICU. It is so difficult to see other babies in the NICU with such severe problems. Next to Addison and Collin in level 3 NICU there is a baby that I'm not sure if she will make it. I wanted to talk to the parents today but I was afraid I couldn't deal with what they would tell me. The little baby had doctors standing over her all day and the set up they had going on for maybe a blood transfusion or something was crazy. I cried several times thinking about that baby and how lucky we are to have such minor problems and the many things we could be going through.

I am proud of myself that I walked the halls today to the NICU. It was a lot more difficult than I thought. The PT and nurses have warned me that it would take some time after being on bedrest for so long (a little over 3 months) to get back to normal but I thought I would be fine. Well I guess I should have known they know what they are talking about. I pushed a wheelchair so I could rest if I needed to but I caught myself swerving like a drunk. I realized very quickly that I was exhausted after a short distance. I pushed myself because I know that is the only way I will get back to normal, hopefully it will not take long, I have three babies to take care of now!

Another highlight of the day was running into Jenny the little person from TLCs Little Couple. She is a doctor in TCH NICU and was apparently part of the delivery team for a baby that was delivered here at St. Luke's. I didn't speak to her but I thought she probably would know about our case if she is working on the delivery teams. They have meetings every Monday morning to update the NICU doctors and I'm surprised at how many doctors know about our case. Just a little star struck when we saw her and thought about that.

More emotions came today thinking about going home. On one hand I'm excited to go home and get back to normal life things but that also means leaving my babies and this place that has become my home for 2 months. One of the nurses came to tell me bye today because she will not be back until Monday and of course I started to cry. It has been difficult being here for so long but now its going to be hard to leave. If the doctors don't release me tomorrow then I will definitely go home Friday so be on the lookout for a crazy emotional woman headed west on 290 soon!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pictures of the Triplets

Yesterday was a busy day and both Steven and I. Steven was extremely tired last night from the lack of sleep. I on the other hand was extremely tired too and feeling the pain from my c-section a lot more. For all of you that thought I looked good during the pregnancy and couldn't believe I didn't gain weight or have swelling well you all got your wish now! My legs (thighs to toes) are swollen bad, apparently this is common with multiples. The doctors finally sent me to L&D (our pre L&D day will have to be another blog post for later, what a couple of days!) because I was running fever most of the day and everything they gave me it continued to rise so I have been stuck by more needles in the last couple of days than my whole 2 month stay in the hospital! Unfortunately the babies have also had to have many IVs for antibiotics to make sure they do not have an infection from my fever. The babies are doing good, the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) nurses are amazed at how well they are doing. The nurses told us they would probably be moved to level 2 NICU soon but right now they do not have bed space for them so they will stay where they are for now. They are all feeding well through the feeding tubes and their antibiotics are being reduced. Soon they will be considered feeders and growers which is the most challenging for babies. Thanks for all of the sweet congratulations, comments and prayers. We are so blessed!
Addison Laverne

Bryce Alan

Collin David

Monday, June 8, 2009

The triplets are HERE!

Addison Laverne, Bryce Alan and Collin David have arrived but on two different birthdays.
Addison arrived June 7th at 11:59pm weighing 4 lbs. 1 oz. and 17.25 inches
Bryce arrived June 8th at 12:00am weighing 4 lbs. 5 oz. and 18.2 inches
Collin arrived June 8th at 12:01am weighing 2 lbs. 15 oz. and 16.5 inches

All of the babies are in the level three NICU but doing very well. We have not spoke with the neonatologist so we are unsure of the plan but hope they will be moved to level two NICU soon. I will post pictures later. Thanks for everyones prayers and concerns! Love, Adrienne and Steven

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

An uneventful day!

After my wonderful exam yesterday afternoon they decided to leave me on the contraction monitor to see if I was in labor. Well I had several contractions but they were not consistent enough to indicate labor. Since I had so many contractions another doctor came in with scrubs, my first thought was he's taking me to labor & delivery but he was only here to do another exam (lucky me)! He wanted to see if the contractions were causing me to dilate more. He didn't think there were any changes so he thought the dilation could have happened over the last couple of weeks which means it may take me a while to continue dilating.

Some of my lab results came back last night. The liver test came back a little elevated and my platelets were low. The doctor didn't think it was significant enough to "cut" meaning they weren't going to take me into a c-section because of the levels. The nurse said they will keep watching it and probably draw blood and run more test in another couple of days. The other test have to be shipped off so we will not get those back for a few days.

After such an exciting day yesterday I thought for sure today would be an eventful day. Well I couldn't be more wrong! My contractions are nothing like they were yesterday and I don't feel any different. The nurse told me any little change I feel the doctors will be here checking me but just my luck I had nothing to call them about. The doctor did tell me this morning that they probably will not let me dilate more than a 6 or 7 because they do not want to risk going into a vaginal delivery. For now it doesn't look like anything is going to happen anytime soon but I still think when it happens it will happen quick!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Doctor's Update

Being in the hospital I don't see my doctor everyday but I do see one of the doctors within his practice, its usually a different doctor everyday. A couple of days ago I started asking every doctor "what's the plan?". Of course each response I got was "I'll have to talk to Dr. Ivey about that". After getting that response a few times I started insisting that I see Dr. Ivey or someone that could give me an answers. Well today Dr. Raines came (who I really like, she reminds me of Dr. Appleton-my College Station OB), as she walked in the door she said she was here to find a reason for me to deliver. Finally someone with news I like to hear! She said the plan was to deliver June 23rd at 36 weeks if nothing has happened before then. That was before she checked me and said I was dilated to 4cm and effaced 90%. She just looked at the nurse and told me 36 weeks was probably not going to happen but on the other hand I've been so unpredictable the whole pregnancy who knows what will happen. She also requested several blood test to check my bio acids, liver, etc. With multiples I'm at a greater risk for preclampsia and already having the cholestasis they are just trying to keep an eye on all of it for the safety of the babies and me. The last blood test they took apparently had slightly elevated levels so if the levels are still increasing it could be another reason to deliver. All said and done I had a little uncomfortable exam, gave 3 vials of blood and received an overload of information but we could have babies within the next few days or week! Now I don't know if I'm more nervous, scared, or excited! Nothing is scheduled yet, they want to wait until I show some sign of labor or they get blood result that may indicate its time but the impression I got from Dr. Raines is it could happen soon. I will try to post something as soon as I can or have someone make a post for me but check back soon :)