Friday, April 29, 2011


Easter Weekend was filled with family gatherings, egg hunts and lots of food. It is a little exhausting getting our family of 5 to and from place to place but we enjoyed seeing everyone and even happier when everyone slept really good Sunday night! Addison seemed to have the egg hunts down and did a pretty good job of putting the eggs in her basket. Collin thought the eggs were balls and prefered to throw them rather than put them in his basket. Bryce would pick up eggs for a little while but got distracted and went to play with something else before all of the eggs were picked up. We now have enough candy to last us until Halloween which is not good for my diet!

Let the egg hunt begin!
Collin checking out what is in his egg
Collin throwing an egg
Bryce hunting eggs with a ball in his hand
Who wants to pick up eggs when you can ride a wild horse
Addison with a handful of eggs
Addison quickly tossing eggs in her basket
Cheezing for the camera

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter baskets

Easter morning the kids woke up to Easter baskets full of goodies from the Easter bunny!

Checking out our goodies!

And I had to share this cute idea that I got from a friend (thanks Jess). S'MEEPS (S'mores + Peeps) for my niece and newphews!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Good Friday at the River

My family has had a place along the Llano River ever since I was a little girl and over the years it has been a meeting place for family gatherings. Good Friday we made the quick trip to the river to once again gather with family. The kids enjoyed cooling off in the river, an egg hunt and lots of running around on the deck.
Addison enjoying a snack in Daddy's lap
Collin having a serious conversation with Great Grandpa
We found a shallow sandy spot in the river and let the kids splash around in the water. They love baths and playing in water so we thought they would enjoy it a little more than they did.
Collin dove in pretty quickly and was not affraid to put his face in the water. Addison was a little more hesitant but eventually splashed around in the water close to mommy.
Bryce did not want in the water but we got him to this rock and he splashed around a little but never left the rock.
I think he prefered to sit here with daddy
Bryce with a handful of cheetos (one is just not enough)
Collin giving his gig'em sign
Addison dipping her cheetos in ketchup

Friday, April 22, 2011

Community Fitness Walk

Since Steven has to work the community fitness walk I thought I would take the babies and get a little exercise in. I borrowed a jogging stroller from a friend and it worked perfect, both boys were able to ride and I never heard a peep from them they just enjoyed the ride. Addison helped Daddy pass out medals while we walked our mile+. I saw several friends as I walked around the track so it was fun catching up as we walked.  
Jessica and I with our boys Collin, Bryce and Jake
walking with Kristie and Bailey
Collin and Bryce enjoying the ride

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

22 Months Old

Collin, Addison and Bryce

We are on the count down to two, birthday party plans are being made and the terrible two's have begun. At 22 Months Old Addison, Bryce and Collin are talking more, throwing a lot more fits, and just into EVERYTHING!

They call each other by name now, Addison and Collin call Bryce, Bice. Collin kind of comes out Tolin, and Addison is still pretty hard.

They haven't mentioned poop poop or potty as much lately so we've taken a break on the potty training but still take them if they say it. I figure it will be easier when they are really ready and we're "really" ready!

They know what blanket, cup, fork, etc. is theirs and when another one takes "their" blanket, cup or fork they just scream until they get it back!

They can hear a choo choo before anyone and will make sure everyone else hears it. They love puppies and can spot a puppy on tv, walking or even if they hear it barking. I don't know how many times a day we hear choo choo, puppy puppy!

They are learning to pray before meals. As soon as momma sits down at the table they will remind us "pay, pay" and they all fold their hands. If I get up from the table and sit back down we have to pray again.

Taking away toys from each other is an everyday occurrence.

The boys seem to love on Addison more, I've caught Collin several times just sitting next to Addison with his arm around her. It is so sweet!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

Last week we were invited to an Easter Egg Hunt. I was really surprised at how well the kids did picking up eggs. They carried their baskets almost the whole time and somehow they knew how to open the eggs and that something was in them. So after picking up the first egg they were wanting to see what they got! They had fun playing with their friends and running around Dr. Dietrich huge lot.
Charlie and Bryce look like they are having fun!
Emmie and Lindsey had fun taking care of Addison
Bryce picking up eggs and checking them out

Collin picking up eggs

Addison picking up eggs and checking them out

Addison, Collin and Bryce checking out their baskets after the hunt
Addison showing Cuatro her eggs
Addison and Collin were so excited to play with Ms. Debbie's puppy dog
One tired Bryce with a really big egg!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

We love water

When we got home from running errands the other morning our nieghbor was outside working in his yard so I walked over to say hi with all three kids. He had his sprinklers running and it didn't take long for the kids to start running through the water. They were quickly soaked and having so much fun I just couldn't stop them. Eventually I got them out of his yard. I had to strip all of their clothes on the front porch and I finally got them in the house kicking and screaming.   

Bryce, Addison and Collin

A soaked Addison
A soaked Bryce

Collin running through the water
Addison running through the water

Monday, April 11, 2011

Family Math Night at BES

Family Night at Daddy's school was last week and we love getting out of the house to eat hot dogs, ice cream and just run and play!
The Siemsglusz Family with the hot dog!
Again with our friend Jake, the hot dog is his mommy!
Addison doing the cake walk with Colton
Addison and Tegan
Bryce and Collin eating hot dogs with Grandpa and Myrna
The ice cream sandwich was a hit with Addison
I think Bryce enjoyed the ice cream too!
Mommy with the hot dog chef
Collin and Addison played the bean bag game before we left
Bryce and Collin liked Daddy's hat