Friday, August 27, 2010

Addison has a diagnosis!

Wednesday we had a long day at Texas Children's Hopital for Addison's follow up appointment with her hemotalogist, Dr. Lakshmi. We arrived at 8am, Addison was very friendly in the waiting area and made a few friends. We eventually got back to a room and she was determined not to make friends with any of the nurses. The plan was to do blood work and if the results came back with low platelets we were going to go ahead and do a bone marrow biopsy. Since the biopsy would require putting her to sleep they thought they would go ahead and start an IV to do the blood work. Addison was determined to fight even getting her blood pressure taken so getting an IV in was no easy task. It took about six+ nurses, Steven and I and on the THIRD try we finally got her IV in. By the second failed attempt I was in tears and the nurses were having to comfort me and her, Steven was so agitated he was ready to kick everyone out of the room and say forget it! After that they brought in another nurse and she was able to get it right away! We got her labs back fairly quickly and of course her platelets were still a low 69. So off we went to the PACU for surgery. Steven and I were exhausted after entertaining her in the waiting area until 12:30 when they finally brought her back for surgery. They gave her some drugs right away to calm her down and then put her to sleep and started the procedure. Steven and I were sent back out to the waiting area and 20 minutes later we were able to sit with her in recovery. She did so well and we are happy to say the doctor called and told us she found no signs of leukemia, etc. in the bone marrow smears. We are still waiting the biopsy and chromosome results but Dr. Lakshmi felt confident saying that Addison does have ITP. We will continue to follow this and we are hoping it will be something she will eventually out grow.
See her red checks and runny nose, that's from screaming her head off!
She wasn't sure what to think of this big bandage on her arm!
Addison and Mommy
Playing with the puzzle pieces
Pushing the riding toy
We did everything we could to keep her entertained!
Even read books
She LOVED this toy, not sure everyone else in the waiting area did!
Addison and Daddy checking out the fish
She entertained us by dancing, watch out she has some moves!
Our sleeping beauty in recovery
Still a little groggy but she got her little personality back quickly!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

California Sun

This weekend Steven and I left the babies for the first time over night. I was a little sad to leave the babies but it was a much deserved and needed weekend away. We took a quick weekend trip to San Diego, California for the burial of Grandma Siemsglusz. We left early Friday morning so we could get in a little site seeing with Alison and Kevin.  The water and beaches were beautiful, the weather was perfect and seeing family was priceless!
Adrienne and Steven with our toes in the water at Coronado Beach
At La Jolla Beach
San Diego sky line
Steven, Adrienne, Alison and Kevin on Coronado Beach
At the Point Loma tide pools
At Ocean Beach

We tried to get in as much site seeing as we possibly could in the short amount of time we had. We saw
The light house on Point Loma
The cemetary at Point Loma
Hotel del Coronado
Torrey Pines Golf Course
Petco Park
Steven and Alison even got in the water and it was COLD!
We stuffed our faces!

Saturday we had the service for Grandma Siemsglusz and got to see family that we haven't seen in a while
The Siemsglusz family
Uncle Jim with his Grandson Mason in his cool shades, Lisa and Chris
Chris Siemsglusz with his cute family, Lisa and Baby Mason
A statue at The Mission Catholic Church School dedicated to Steven's cousin's children, Taylor Ann and Parker Siemsglusz, who passed away at a young age.

The babies were in good hands over the weekend with Aunt Lindsey! She stayed at our house and had her hands full entertaining our threesome! She had a few helpers come in over the weekend to help out so we thank everyone that stopped by to help out.  
The babies really enjoyed their time with Aunt Lindsey! We can not thank her enough for staying back and allowing us to take a break and get away.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Random pictures

Lindsey, Addison, Steven, Collin, Adrienne, and Bryce at A&M Club kickoff
It was hot and we were thirsty
Collin being a boy
Daddy and Bryce in the jump house at Austin and Avery's party
Collin was not a fan of the jump house
Addison wasn't a fan either!
Mommy got rid of our infant carseats so we had to take one last picture in them. We've come a long way since we first sat in our carseats.
Bryce thought his seat was still pretty comfy
Collin thought he could wear daddy's shoes
Addison and Mommy
Addison is officially our climber! She climbed up here all by herself!
Collin loves to pull out all of the wipes, maybe I can teach him to help me change diapers!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Let the fights begin!

I know this is only the beginning of the fights our trio will have but I didn't really expect for them to wrestle this much at this age. The fights are usually over a toy that one has and the other one wants. We've tried taking the toy away from everyone, breaking up the fight and getting their attention on something else and we've also tried letting them just fight it out. Addison and Bryce are usually the ones that duke it out the most, Collin will occasionally join in on the fight but he usually gives up the toy and moves on to something else.

Let me lay the story out for you. Bryce is playing with a stacking cup and Addison decides she wants it and will fight her biggest brother to get it! Collin is just a spectator watching the fight (playing with Bryce's hair and drinking Addison's bottle). For a second Collin thinks he is going to join in and try to get the cup, he drops the bottle which Bryce quickly picks up (Bryce will give up anything for food or a bottle). Addison quickly scoops up the cup and runs off with it. Bryce is happy with the bottle and Collin leaves with nothing!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

14 Months Old

Addison, Bryce and Collin at 14 months old

Addison, Bryce and Collin have been so much fun to watch as they grow but Steven and I are really starting to like this age. They are so funny trying to dance, talk and play. We've started to teach them sign language, patty cake and to wave bye bye. They love to play hide 'n seek with daddy and laugh like crazy when they find him. Now that all three are walking better you can see even more of their personalities coming out.

Addison is a mean little girl if she doesn't get her way, I can only imagine what's in store for us as she gets older! She holds her own with the boys and will fight them for whatever she wants. She loves to dance and has some pretty good moves. Don't get in her way when she is driving one of the push cars, she is always so serious and on a mission! She is still a momma's girl but is getting more independent and doesn't like to be held by anyone. She can be sweet when she wants to be and loves to give her brothers (especially Bryce) hugs. She gets a big smile on her face and says awww when they hug her back.

Bryce is still our friendly little flirt and will go to just about anyone. When he is playing at home he will find a quiet corner and just lean up againt the wall and play with a cup or simple toy. Don't get me wrong he can be very loud at times too and loves to hear his loud voice echo in the hall or screams really loud when he is fighting with Addison over a toy but he is very cute when he is just relaxing in his quiet place. He is all boy and cracks me up how he makes a "vroom" sound when playing with his cars or trucks. Bryce loves to give hugs (especially to Addison) but it is usually unexpected and ends up being a tackle more than a hug.  

Collin is our sweet boy and if Bryce or Addison try to take a toy away from him he usually gives it up without a fight and goes on to the next best thing. He likes to dance and is a fast learner. He can sign more, eat, and ball. He's also learned to do patty cake and is so proud of himself when he does it. He is really bad about throwing his food on the floor, I've tried to tell him no but he just thinks its funny.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Blog Slacker

I have been a major blog slacker! I haven't kept my blog updated nor have I checked blogs that I follow. I guess we have been kind of busy but I have been really bad a taking pictures. Either I'm chasing babies and don't have time to get the camera out or the babies are running around in their diapers and I refuse to post a lot of naked baby pictures on the blog. I will try to get better but I'm not making any promises! In the mean time here is a sleepy bedhead picture to put a smile on your face!
Now that Bryce has a ton of hair he has a lot of bad hair days but its oh so cute with all of his little curls!