Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Break

This week was Steven's spring break but I said it was really a spring break for all of us. It was nice to have some help and a little relaxation time for both of us. With the nice weather we didn't mind doing yard work and some things around the house. We started off the week getting our yard back in shape, it was very neglected last year with me on bed rest and Steven trying to take care of me.
 We pulled weeds, juggled babies, pulled weeds, feed babies, mowed yard, juggled babies, planted flowers, juggled babies. Needless to say our neighbors were laughing at us trying to work and keep the babies happy!

Steven stayed with the babies one day and gave me a free day to do some shopping, that hasn't happened in a while and it was nice! On Friday my Aunt and Uncle decided to make the trip to Brenham to meet the babies for the first time. We spent some time downtown checking out the spring egg walk and of course some Must Be Heaven and ice cream.
Addison loved the eggs and would laugh when we sat her next to them, the boys weren't so crazy about mommy dragging them around and taking their picture.

Friday evening we enjoyed some adult time at the Houston Rodeo. Saturday Steven tried to get in a round of golf but the weather just didn't cooperate! Sunday we ended the week by helping Aunt Alison celebrate her birthday. 
Happy Birthday Aunt Alison!

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Jess said...

OMG! They are seriously getting SO BIG! Love the pics downtown and love the new blog design!!!