Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Father's Day Weekend

Father's Day weekend we went on a little couples getaway to Port O'Conner with the Maurer Party of Five. This probably wasn't the beach getaway that Jamie and I had planned but it was a kid free weekend so we said sign us up! The kids stayed with Grandpa and Myrna (along with several other helpers) while we enjoyed some fun in the sun. The guys did the majority of the fishing while Jamie and I enjoyed some adult beverages while relaxing on the boat and catching up. Saturday we spent the whole day on the water searching for the fish! The girls even braved the water and spent some quality time with our hubbies wade fishing!
Adrienne and Steven
Jamie and Wesley
Our big catch from Friday!
Adrienne and Jamie making a fashion statement in our wading boots!
Jamie and I actually caught a keeper!
Happy "Belated" Father's Day to my fisherman!

We came home with enough fish to have a fish fry for our dad's Monday. It was a great end to a great weekend. Happy "Belated" Father's Day to my dad and Alan!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sea World

We continued to celebrate the kids birthday through out the weekend by taking them to Sea World.
The Siemsglusz Family at Sea World
We convinced Granny, Papa, Aunt Dee, Dalton, and Brandon to come along and enjoy the fun!
Bryce, Collin and Addison watching the dolphins
They all thought this was pretty cool so we came home with three of these, in a stuffed animal size of course!
Addison relaxing and eating her lunch during the Elmo show, such a big girl!
Collin loved the shows and was very attentive. During the Azul show he watched carefully and when the people would jump from way up high he would cover his eyes.
Bryce loved the rides and the water!
The kids rode their first farris wheel
And Daddy got to ride his first roller coaster!

Friday, June 15, 2012

3 Three Year Olds

I can't believe the triplets are 3! We celebrated their 3rd birthday with family at our house. We had an explosion of balloons from the balloon fairy, Debbie (our neighbor)! Since I planned this very last minute I didn't have plans for cakes but our wonderful cake lady, Ms. Cavasar, called the day before and asked if she could make them cakes, uh YES!  This year they were really excited about their birthday which made celebrating that much more fun.

We sang individually to each of them. Addison and Bryce smiled and watched as everyone sang to them. Collin seemed to be embarrassed to be the center of attention, as we sang to him he wouldn't look at anyone and to keep from smiling he made a frowning face. 
Happy Birthday to Addison...
Happy Birthday to Bryce...
Happy Birthday to Collin....

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Toddler Beds

We finally did it! The kids figured out how to crawl out of their cribs a long time ago and we kept them in their cribs by using crib tents. They recently figured out how to unzip those and would crawl in each others beds and play so we figured it was time to make the move to toddler beds. They have been in their toddler beds for about a week and we are having trouble keeping them in their toddler beds, so we need HELP! How did you keep your child in bed when you made the move from a crib to a bed? Keep in mind there are 3 of them, we've tried laying with them but someone is always left out and we have whining and crying "lay with me". Just not sure what we should do???
Their reaction to seeing their new beds!
Bryce snuggled in his new bed
Collin in his new bed
Addison, excited about her new bed!
Night, Night, sleep tight!
We may do some rearranging once I figure out the decor but for now this is what their new room looks like.
And this is what happens when they won't stay in their beds!
We need HELP!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Memorial Day

I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate Memorial Day and those that have given their lives for our freedom than a good ol' fashion parade. On Friday afternoon I decided I would try to organize a parade for the neighborhood kids, I wasn't sure if I would be able to get anyone to participate but it turned out great. Word of mouth spread quickly and we had about 30 kids that came with their bikes, wagons, power vehicles, scooters, etc. decorated and ready to walk and ride through our little neighborhood. Afterwards we enjoyed popsicles and visiting with friends and neighbors in the cul de sac. It was such a hit it just may become a tradition for our neighborhood!
Our patriotic trio
Everyone gathered in the cul de sac to start the parade
And hear we go
The boys drove their truck
Addison pedaled her way through the parade!
Everyone enjoyed visiting after the parade
Colt looks excited about the popsicles!
The patriotic Hooks girls
John and Cici
Quatro, Beth and one of our sweet neighbors
John, Collin and Charile having fun riding around
A few of the mommies!
One more picture of our patriotic cuties!

Our last day of school

The first day of school
The last day of school
Mommy got to go to chapel with us!