Saturday, June 26, 2010

Our new playroom

Steven and I got tried of our living room being overtaken by toys so we decided it was time to give up our spare bedroom/office and create a playroom for the babies and all their toys! Of course I had to be difficult and move all of the rooms. I decided I wanted the playroom closest to the living room but that was the babies room. So what was the babies room is now the playroom and what was our spare bedroom is now the babies bedroom. I still have some decorating to do and need to find some furniture and storage for toys but that will all get done in time. The babies seem to like the new changes and Mommy and Daddy enjoy getting their living room back!  
The playroom
New babies room

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Watch out, Collin's walking!

Last Friday Collin decided to take a few steps and within the last couple of days he has really started to walk more. He is still a little wobbly but he looks so cute stumbling along.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy Belated Father's Day

We hope everyone had a wonderful Father's Day. We enjoyed the day with all the special Dad's in our life. We woke up and surprised Daddy(Steven) with breakfast, cards and presents. Then we had a yummy lunch with Papa(David) and spent the evening with Grandpa(Alan).

The babies cannot truely appreciate their Dad yet but I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful husband to help care for our children. I love to see the babies faces light up when they see him walk in the door, when he tickles them until they have a belly laugh and when they climb all over him for his attention and affection. I'm also very lucky that he is such a wonderful caregiver, not once has he complianed about changing a diaper, making bottles or preparing food for dinner time. We love you, Steven and hope you had a great Father's Day!  

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

October Dawn Photography

The Sunday before the babies birthday (June 6th) we took 1 year pictures with October Dawn. The pictures turned out great but with the party and everything I am just now getting around to posting a preview of the pictures. It was hard to pick my favorites so these are just a few of the pictures. This is the link to the other pictures
This picture of Bryce cracks me up! He makes this face a lot now and I'm not sure where he learned it from.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Party Pictures

Arriving at our party
Grandpa Wilde with Addison
Aunt Dee with Collin
Daddy and Bryce
Collin loves to throw balls now and he's pretty good at it!

My cousin Jessica was a big help, too bad she doesn't live closer!
Grandpa Wellmann and Collin
Sue and William Krueger with Collin
Aunt Linda and Bryce
Addison and Mommy
Fun in the pool
Collin and Grandpa Schwartz
Addison, Mommy, Laurie (my college roommate) and Amy
Addison is a walking in her tutu mommy made her
The Janner triplets (Wyatt, Lane & Reid) with the Siemsglusz triplets
Tegan watching Addison eat her cake
Bryce thought his cake was yummy!
Addison thought the cake was yummy too!
Collin was more worried about what was going on around him.
I think we are done!
Granny giving Addison a bath in the sink
Bryce crashed as we cleaned up, it must of been a good party!
Addison and Collin lovin' on each other. They played strong until we left.

1st Birthday Party

I may have gone a little overboard but I figured our babies will only turn 1 once! We had the party at Gun & Rod so there was a pool for the kids to swim, a playground, and a/c for the adults. These were the invitations, I thought they were perfect because of the three fish and they went with my swim theme. The cakes also went with the swim theme and the invitations. They were so yummy and cute.

About a month before the party I started making these table decorations when the babies went to bed. I had a sand bucket with pictures for each month of their lives.
Of course what party would be complete without balloons and presents!
A friend of mine made this Happy Birthday banner and it was so cute (Thanks Robyn for letting us borrow it)
We had a lot of dips, chips, hamburgers and hot dogs for our guest. Before we ate I thanked everyone for coming and of course I started to cry. This last year has gone by so fast and it was all overwhelming just thinking about it. It also made me emotionally just thinking about all of the support and help we have had over the last year. Everyone always says it takes a village to raise kids and I think that statement is even more true with multiples. The party was a wonderful celebration of the babies first year and all that we have been blessed with. As our guest left the kids all left with this party favor.
I think the party was a success, I know the babies won't remember it but we all enjoyed celebrating on their behalf!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Guess who decided to take a few steps!

Addison decided she wanted to celebrate her birthday by taking a few steps. I recorded this video on Tuesday, June 8th and she walked several times that day. She isn't walking everywhere yet but she is getting better. Most of the time she still walks with her toys or by holding on to something but will every now and then walk to us.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

1 Year Check Up

Today we went for the babies 12 month check up. Dr. Draehn thought everyone was doing well. Per the TCH doctors instructions we held off on Addison's vaccinations until we can diagnose her low platelets. Since Addison didn't get vaccinations Dr. Draehn thought it would be best to hold off on a few of the vaccines for Bryce and Collin so they wouldn't pass a virus on to Addison. Bryce still got 2 shots and Collin got one so they didn't get off too easy. They all had to get a routine finger prick which they were not happy about.
Addison is 18lbs. 9oz. (15%tile)
27 3/4 inches long (15%tile)
Her platelets were 21 which is still very low, I have a call into her TCH doctor to see what she thinks.
Our three hour visit to the clinic was long for three tired babies who desperately needed a nap. Collin entertained himself by playing with Bryce's hair.
Bryce is 23lbs. 12oz. (65%tile)
30 1/4 inches (65%tile)
Collin is 18lbs. 15oz. (5%tile)
28 inches (5%tile)