Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Surgery Update

Well surgery was a little rough yesterday. I'm not sure if it was the fact that she did two surgeries in one(so it took a little longer) or if they gave me too much anesthesia. In recovery I became very nauseous. They gave me a shot to help with the nausea but I still threw up a couple of times until I started to dry heave. Not fun after being cut on in the abdomen. Then to top it off the nurse suggested I not take pain pills because she thought it would make me sicker. So I went about 30 hours with out eating or taking pain pills. Today is a little better because my stomach is not so upset and I'm actually able to take pain pills and eat a little. The doctor was able to remove the endometrioma and reported to Steven afterwards that "it is just bad luck if it comes back again"! So I pray that my "luck" changes soon. She did find 3 more spots of endometriosis that she removed and she left the fibroid because it was in my muscle which she said would take major surgery to remove. Lets just hope that we don't have to do that.

Other than that I have to thank my wonderful husband who held back my hair and held my "bucket". He told me later that it is true love because he has never watched someone throw up before. He was a real trooper and I think he can handle more than he thinks. I also want to thank my family and friends who kept me in your prayers.

Monday, September 15, 2008

We are still alive!

I know its been a really long time since I updated my blog but we are still alive! I am loving my new job as a content mastery teacher and Steven is the best Asst. Principal I know. In fear of what the hurricane may do we did some preparations and had my sister and her whole family spend the night for a pajama party. They live in an older house that is surrounded by trees so they felt safer here. The boys played play station most of the night and we all ate lots of snacks and junk food. Luckily the weather was not as bad as we anticipated and we never lost power, which is very fortune considering everyone around us is still without power(Navasota, Somerville, Hempstead, etc.) In the Brenham area the majority of damage was downed trees and limbs. Now I just hope that we will have gas and food supplies since supplies will mostly go to the houston area first.

Our favorite resturant Mariachi's boarded up and we considered riding out the storm there but after one Rita Steven decided it was time to get me home!

Steven showing the boys the right way to play play station (thats what he said anyway)!

Other than that we have been dealing with my health issues (again) which seems like a hurricane in itself! After just having surgery in June I will again have surgery to remove another enodmetrioma that grew back less than a month after my doc took it out in June. My surgery will be out patient next Tuesday so keep me in your prayers that it will go away for good this time and this is the last surgery I will have to go through for a while (I don't do good with being put to sleep)!!! Then hopefully we will be able to move on with our plan of having babies;)