Saturday, March 20, 2010

"Makeup" Trip

Last year during spring break we didn't have much planned but we did have a doctors appointment on Wednesday in Houston. Our plan was to go to the doctor, then do a little shopping for baby stuff, then meet up with Steven's family at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo for a Gary Allan concert. I was so excited because I had not been to the Rodeo in years and we had awesome tickets in a suite with free food and drinks. Well the doctors appointment didn't turn out like I had planned and I was told to go on strict bed rest. Stupidly my first question was "so I can't go to the rodeo tonight?" I think the doctor thought I was crazy. All of my plans for the day were now out of the question and I was not happy about it. I tried to convince Steven to drop me off at the gate and I could get to the suite and sit but knew that probably wasn't a good idea. We made the right choice and went home (I do not regret that decision now that I have my healthy babies) but I sure was disappointed last year. I also later learned that the doctors thought I was going to go into labor that day which was very early (22 weeks) so we obviously made the right decision. Now one year later, I got to go to the HLSR with suite tickets(thanks Lindsey and Travis). A surprise visit from my aunt and uncle and grandparents meant we had plenty of babysitters so we enjoyed the show! We ate way too much but it was a great evening with Lindsey, Travis, Alison and Kevin.  

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Jess said...

HOW FUN! So glad you got your wonderful night out!!!