Tuesday, July 31, 2012

3 year check ups

We took the kids for their 3 year check ups Friday and they are all healthy and well. Their stats are below:
weighed 27 1/2 lbs.
36 1/2 in. tall
she was in the 30th %tile for weight
and the 40th %tile for height
Dr. Draehn said she will be 5'3-5'4
weighed 33lbs.
39 in. tall
he was in the 80th %tile for weight
and the 75th %tile for height
Dr. Draehn said he will be 6ft. tall
weighed 26 1/2lbs.
37 in. tall
he was in the 20th %tile for weight
and the 40th %tile for height
Dr. Draehn said he will be 5'9-5'10

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Backyard project #2

It only took a few days to clear the backyard but it took us about 4 months to figure out what kind of fence we wanted and what kind of patio to do. Then we put in a sprinkler system before we could get grass.
While the guys worked on the patio three heads watched out the window.
We then waited outside watching them so we could put our hand prints in the concrete.
After a couple of weeks of rain we were finally able to get our grass delivered, a whole eighteen wheeler truck load!
The kids were excited to watch the grass be taken off the truck
We had eighteen pallets delivered to the backyard
It was great to have a lot of help from family and friends!
Lane helping carry the grass for the guys
Mark helping fill in the gaps
Kyle, Dalton, Jason, Steven, Dane, Ryan and Lane admiring their hard work
Watching these two play in the yard and the sprinklers made it all worth it
Our back yard looks so big now (this is only about 3/4ths of the yard)

Backyard project

This has been our biggest and longest project thus far! We started back in March clearing the yard. I regret that I didn't get a good before picture but the backyard was very over grown and looked really small. We removed rocks, bricks, railroad ties, chain link fence, vines, over grown plants, a lot of shrubs, some very large wild peach trees, and two large trees.
This is the back fence when we started
We halled off several trailer loads of shrubs and tree limbs
The kids loved watching the tractors work in the yard
Steven worked hard to make our backyard look good
Ryan worked hard helping us remove stumps in the yard
Addison eating her snack on the tractor
The boys had fun watching the tractors
Collin spent a lot of time on this tractor
and loved every bit of it
Driving the tractor around the block (I'm sure our neighbors loved us)

This is how our yard looked for about 4 months while we did one step at a time

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Addison's first haircut

Yes, she is 3 and just getting her first haircut (if I can really call it that)! We only snipped off the frizzy ends that have been driving me crazy every time I fix her hair so it was nothing drastic. Addison was so excited to get her first hair cut. She has watched Mommy, Daddy, Bryce and Collin get several haircuts but this was her turn and she made sure they knew it! For the first two years of her life she barely had hair so I wanted to let it grow out a little before we got her first haircut. Now I'm hoping her hair will start to grow more.
This is how little hair Addison had at 1 yr. and 2 yrs. old
Addison before her hair cut
She sat in the chair so well and did everything Valerie asked her to do
Can you see the excitement on her face
Snipping of the ends
Valerie and Addison with her new haircut

Thursday, July 19, 2012

3 three year olds can be challenging!

Everyday is a challenge around our house and last week proved to be a big challenge! One evening, I heard water running in the bathroom. I went to the bathroom to tell the kids to turn the water off and I noticed hair on the floor. I stood for a minute with a confused look on my face, where did that come from? Then I hear "Mommy look, I wash my hair" as I look up I notice Collin with Steven's razor in his hand rubbing his head with it, hence the hair on the floor. Fortunately he only cut his hair and didn't hurt himself with the razor!
One mischieveious little boy with the funny haircut!

Daddy's tools have become another obsession with the kids. They would argue with me and say "I working Mommy"! They just couldn't understand why I wouldn't let them "work" with real hammers, screw drivers, wrenches and even exacto knives! How we don't have more injuries in this house is beyond me.

Another day I got a phone call from a friend and snuck off to the other room so I could actually have a conversation. A short time later in walks Bryce saying "Mommy look my hair all wet". All three decided they wanted to play in the rain and where soaked from head to toe! What could a little rain hurt so I let them play in it for a while until I heard thunder and we all decided the fun was over. 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

July 4th

For the 4th we attended the Round Top parade with friends. This was our first time at the parade in Round Top and I have to say it was a great parade. There was a lot of candy, beads, and toys thrown out and what other parade would you see a fire truck pull over to hand your child candy and a cowboy stop so the children could pet his horse and even sit on it for a while.
Bryce, Addison and Collin

Just a few of the "floats" in the parade
Collin, KK and Charlie
This firetruck stopped his truck to hand a piece of candy to Bryce who was throwing a fit about the candy in the road (he didn't want the candy to get run over)
Collin and Addison enjoying the parade
Emmie and Addison
The best part was watching the parade with friends
Bryce watching the parade with daddy
This cowboy was really nice to stop and let the kids pet his horse and even nicer to let Bryce sit on the horse with him

That afternoon we all napped well, that evening we ate some yummy BBQ that Travis made and then watch fireworks at the Country Club with the Janner Triplets.
The Janner triplets with the Siemsglusz triplets
Collin, Addison and Bryce being silly