Friday, March 26, 2010


Addison is overall a very healthy little girl but on her 9 month check up her routine blood work showed she had a low platelet count. The rest of her counts(red/white blood cells, etc.) were fine The doctor thought it was probably a virus and we didn't have anything to worry about. Well the following week we did blood work again and it went up but not by much, we still thought it was okay to watch it so we did the same thing this week. On Monday the counts dropped again so the doctor decided it would be best for her to be checked out by a hemotologist. On Tuesday we made a trip to Texas Children and after a long 4 and a half hour wait we still don't have any answers! We do however have a list of things we (the doctors and us) are going to either eliminate or hopefully diagnose Addison with. At this point because we can't diagnose the problem we have to leave every possibility open. We are still hoping that it is just a simple virus that will go away soon but we want to make sure every possibility is checked out. We are blessed that she is in good hands with the doctors at Texas Children's and the Brenham Clinic. For now we will do blood work in two weeks and go back to TCH every month until we can diagnose the problem. We have to be very careful that she doesn't take any major falls because she is at a higher risk for internal bleeding and bleeding easier if she is cut. Dr. Lakshmi, our TCH doctor, has been very caring and has called checking on Addison so I feel confident she is being well taken care of. If we wouldn't have done the original blood test we would never know anything was wrong with her, she feels fine, acts fine, and is busy as ever so that is reasurring. Please pray that we find what's wrong quickly and that it is only something minor.

A little general information:
Normal platelet count rage 150-450
Addison's have been in the 30 rage
At birth her counts were 250 so this is something she's developed since birth.

She thought the braclet on her ankle was cool!
Not a fan of having to give blood :( I had to hold back the tears myself!
She is all girl and thought the pretty pink bandaid was pretty cute too!
Thank you, Grandma and Susan for staying with the boys, it would have been a long day trying to manage all three for 4 hours in a waiting room!

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