Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas with the Maurer's and Rau's

We celebrated Christmas with the Maurer's and the Rau's last night, we all went to high school together and now the four of them have become very good friends that we love so much! It is wonderful that we all have kids close in age and it will be so much fun to watch them grow up together.

Yes, there are 8 kids with one on the way! Kade with Bryce, Austin with Collin, Caleb, Avery with Addison and Brady (not pictured Melonie with baby Nate in her tummy)!
Avery, Addison, Caleb and Collin. Avery was so excited to see the babies she couldn't wait to get them out of their car seats.
 Dane with Brady and Bryce.
Kade and Avery helping Addison open her present.
Steven helping Bryce open his present.

Melonie and Addison
Jamie with Collin, Caleb and Avery

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