Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas!

We had a wonderful Christmas and hope that everyone else did too! We have celebrated with Granny & PaPa, Grandpa & Myrna, the Wellmann's and the Siemsglusz families, we missed the Schwartz family christmas but just weren't ready to make the long drive. We will celebrate one more christmas with the Wilde family on the 1st and thankfully everyone is coming to us so we don't have to make the drive with three little ones. With all of the Christmas celebrations the babies have had a lot of practice at opening gifts, they have been typical babies and prefered the paper and boxes over the presents but it sure was cute to watch them. The babies received a lot of great things for christmas including clothes, socks, shoes, toys, diapers, bibs and money. Steven and I weren't going to do much for the babies since they don't really know the difference and we thought they would get plenty from everyone else but Steven thought of a keepsake gift he wanted to give the boys so we decided to get each of them something "keepsake" that they will have for a long time. The boys got a set of 2009 baseball cards and Addison got her first pair of pearl earings and is getting her ears pierced. Steven has collected baseball cards for years and I think he was more excited about the boys gift than they were but hopefully one day they will enjoy them! 

Collin playing under the tree

Aunt Dee and Addison

Momma and Addison

Aunt Alison and Bryce

Bryce, Addison and Collin

Bryce enjoying the red tissue paper

Collin enjoying the red bow

The babies unwrapping their presents

The babies with their presents from mom and dad

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The Farmers said...

I love the picture of them in their Bumbo and Addison is reaching to help. I'm sure there will be many pictures to come of her being a little momma's helper to her brothers