Saturday, December 19, 2009

Frequent flier Mommy!

This morning we were all playing in the living room when Steven noticed Addison had blood in her ear. I immediately thought she scratched it because she scratched her other ear so I got a Q-tip and started cleaning it to see if I could see a scratch, well for a little girl it was a lot of blood and I couldn't see a scratch. She wasn't fussy so I didn't want to freak out but it was blood in her ear! Since we couldn't determine if the blood was coming from her ear canal we decided I should take her in. When we got to the Brenham Clinic the triage nurse took a look and thought that it was a lot of blood for a scratch but while waiting for Dr. Baker my friend Kristin came to check on us and she helped clean her ear a little more and took a peak at her ear drum. Of course when we got it cleaned up enough we discovered the SCRATCH! That's right I'm a new mommy and I freaked out over a scratch but this is some scratch because it is still bleeding. She just woke up from her nap with blood all over her ear again. I keep cleaning it but it is bleeding little by little. Dr. Baker said she would be fine. This is my second trip to the clinic in two weeks (Collin's bump was the 1st trip) so I'm going to have to learn not freak out so quickly because $25 a pop can get expensive for a scratch and I'm going to become known as one of those frequent flier mommies at the clinic! Good new is I got the finger nails clipped while waiting for Dr. Baker so no more scratches for a few days.


Jess said...

Girl, we would have done the same thing!!! Better safe than sorry!!!

Kim C said...

HAHAHA!!!!! I hate to laugh, but this was TOO funny! I had something similar when Christopher was little, too. At least mommies can sit back and laugh about how over protective and anal we are!