Friday, December 4, 2009

Babies first snow!

It snowed today in Brenham, it melted as soon as it hit the ground but it was coming down pretty hard for a while. It was beautiful watching from the the warmth of our home but I had to take the babies out so they could see their first snow. You really cannot see how hard it was snowing in the pictures but you can see the snow in my hair and on my jacket, it looks like dandruff but its really snow! The babies really didn't know what to think but they were checking it out.
Collin with Mommy in the snow!
Bryce with Mommy in the snow!
Addison with Mommy in the snow!


The Schramm Clan said...

I love you new picture!

Jess said...

You are such a good mom! I was so tempted to leave school and run over to grab Jake and take him outside. :) LOVE the new pic, too! SUCH a beautiful family!