Thursday, December 31, 2009

Such a big day for a little girl!

It was a big day for Addison, this morning we realized she got her first tooth and then she got her ears pierced this afternoon. She was a brave little girl and didn't fuss until we held her down, once we let go she quit crying and was fine. Steven had to come along to hold her down and I have to say he did better than I would of, after looking at the pictures I think it hurt Steven a little to see his little girl having to go through that but she sure looks cute with her earings.

Her right ear had to be pierced twice because the lady made the hole to high (despite the markings she made), she assured me that it wouldn't hurt her and the first hole would heal quickly. It was obvious enough that Steven could see the difference and I figured it would bother me if we didn't fix it. I can't even tell where the first hole was so I'm sure it will be fine.

Tooth count:
Addison = 1
Bryce = 0
Collin = 2

Health update:
After 2 trips to the clinic, 3 trips to the pharmacy, and blood work we have discovered that we had our first viral attack. All three babies are finally starting to feel better but are still not 100%.

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