Tuesday, December 8, 2009

6 Months Old

It is hard to believe that the babies are 6 months old. It seems like yesterday they were little babies in the NICU. Now they are getting so big and doing so many things. The last 6 months has flown by which is scary to think in another 6 months they will be a year old, it will be here way to fast! 
The babies are starting to watch one another and will laugh, smile, or talk to one another. When one is crying they will watch each other like they are telling each other "its okay", "don't cry" or "what is wrong with you". They have started fruits and vegetables and so far have tried carrots, peas, applesauce and squash. They still aren't sleeping through the night but are getting better. If they wake up we can usually play the white noise and they will go back to sleep. Collin and Addison seem to be fasinated with each other and interact with each other a lot. I think in the future these two will be the ones that play well with each other until someone gets hurt!

Addison loves to put everything in her mouth and has started to reach out for things she wants. She plays like a big girl in the entertainer and has figured out most of the toys. She is definitely our princess, she loves to be held and if things don't go her way she'll let you know! She weighs about 15lbs.

Bryce is getting a lot of hair and it looks like it will be dark. We are still waiting on him to roll over and we aren't sure if it will ever happen. He is a big flirt and will give the cutest smiles. He also reaches out for things he wants to put in his mouth and the swing is still his favorite. He gets so excited when you get him out of bed or out of his swing. He weighs about 18lbs.

Collin is getting his first tooth. He loves to play in his entertainers and is a very content baby. He is continually trying to figure things out and will keep himself entertained for a long time, which is nice when you have 3 babies! He gets fussy when he is tired or hungry but so do I. He loves applesauce and didn't know what to think about squash but liked it better on the second try. He weighs about 15lbs.

We go to the doctor next Monday for their 6 month check up so we will see how accurate their weights are and give another update.


The Haseltine's said...

Don't worry about Bryce rolling over! Amy didn't roll over at all until Dec 19, which is the day my dad passed away. She was 6 mon, 1 week. Then she didn't do it for awhile. We think she had a little help! :)

Jess said...

OH YOU GUYS! They are changing so much and getting so, so big! Adrienne...I think Addison looks so much like you! They are just beautiful...really hope to see you guys soon! XOXO

The Maurer's said...

I can't believe they are 6 months already! Yes, time does fly!