Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bump on the head

I took Collin to the doctor today because yesterday I noticed he had a bump on his head. It is on the lower part of his head almost on his neck. He hadn't bumped his head on anything so it was a little strange that it appeared out of the blue. I wasn't really worried about it until last night when he got a little fussy. Well of course the doctors office was closed so I didn't know what to do, I called my friend Kristin ( who is a physican assistant at the clinic. She told me to watch him through the night and if it got worse to bring him to the er if needed. Well the night went fine and he didn't act like it bothered him but I decided to take him to the clinic just to ease my mind. I just took Collin so I got a little feel of what it would be like to just have one baby, it was kind of nice. Well my friend Kristin met me at Dr. Baker's office and helped out while I ate my lunch and talked to Dr. Baker. Come to find out it was a lymph node that is built up with fluid and it will get better in time. Its not causing any pain to Collin so that is all I am worried about.

Thank you Kristin for all your help!

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The Krenek Klan said...

Glad that little man is doing good! I was happy to be there and help!!!