Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ultasound pictures

Here are the ultrasound pictures I promised. These are from our last growth ultrasound on Wednesday, May 20th.

Baby A- Not a great profile picture but we are luck we got this because of how far down she is. I am a little sad that we couldn't get a 3D picture of her but I guess its okay as long as she is healthy!

We were able to get 3D of both boys. I promise their noses really are not this smushed but as they get bigger the ultrasound tech has to zoom in closer to get around the membrane, bones, etc. Basically she is holding the camera to their noses. Still cute though, okay maybe I'm a little biased!


Jess said...

They are precious. That is truly amazing.

mzblongoria said...

The boys look like they have Steves lips!!! Those pics are great!!

Kari said...

I totally see Steve when I look at the last one...thanks for sharing those!! Hope you are still feeling good...hang in there!!