Thursday, May 14, 2009

This weeks ultrasound

I don't have much to report from this weeks ultrasound. It is getting harder to get good images of the babies. Baby A is head down with her face to my back and she pretty much refuses to move. In the one picture we got of her she was pointing her finger like a gun. Steven said we may have a Red Raider on our hands, I'm sure my dad will put a stop to that! Baby B is probably the easiest to get but he is also facing my back. We are able to get Baby C pretty easily but he is in a weird position. He is curled up with his legs straight out and his feet are in front of his face(basically folded in half). No wonder we have a hard time getting his heartbeat everyday. They did a quick check of the babies heartbeats and deep pockets (the fluid around the baby). From what I could tell everything looked fine but I haven't talked to a doctor and probably won't if they don't think anything is wrong. They didn't measure my cervix this week and are going to only measure that every two weeks now. Next week will be the next growth ultrasound so we are excited to see how much they've grown.


Jess said...

YEAH! I love the idea of a Red Raider! Get your guns up! :) So glad all is well and sorry again that I missed you today. XOXO

Alicia said...

Yea...go Red could have one go to each major texas college!! haha or well uncle david will talk them all into be aggies...haha glad everything seems to be going great!!! and i'm glad your still baking them!!! can't wait to hear more good news

mzblongoria said...

Friends don't let friends kids be raiders.
Glad things are going good!