Saturday, May 16, 2009

One Month

As of Friday I have been in room Y322 at St. Luke's in Houston for one month. That is a total of two months on bed rest at home and in the hospital. We celebrated 30 weeks this last week which was a big milestone for us and really makes us feel at ease. We spoke with one of the doctors this morning and she said the next goal is 32 weeks and they will probably not let us go past 34 weeks. 34 weeks is considered "full" term for triplets and since I have the cholestasis they don't want to take any chances. We are doing really good for triplets and the doctors and nurses keep saying they are amazed we have done so well. I feel really blessed we are doing so well when there are many patients on this floor that are worse than me and only carrying one or two babies. I'm still not on any medications and having regular contractions that are not painful. I still feel like everything is going to happen all of a sudden which the doctors agree that is usually what happens with higher order multiples. I just pray that if Steven is not here he will be able to get here in time.


Brandy said...

30 wks is awesome! Keep up the good work, Mama!

Anonymous said...

I hope he is too

mzblongoria said...

This may be a strange question, but are you/multiples a for sure csection or can you deliver regularly if all goes well? Just curious.
Tell Stevo to schedule a police escort! Have them on standby!!!
Glad you're doing so well!

Alicia said...

i'm so excited it's getting closer!! CONGRATS on making it to 30 weeks too!!! just from what you said i was worried but it's so great to see that you are doing amazing and keeping those guys in there as long as possible!! I can't wait to see you and meet them!!