Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Busy Day!

Even on bed rest it can be a busy day. Last week my doctor told me to go out to eat or something to enjoy my last little bit of freedom. That made my day because I was dying to get my hair cut and thought I was going to have to wait a really long time since I probably won't have much time on my hands in the near future. So thanks to Myrna for giving up her lunch break to "drive Miss Daisy" to get her hair cut. Then yesterday afternoon our Christmas present arrived, new couches that I finally convinced Steven we needed. I know its March but it took me a while to pick them out. We ordered them about a month ago and they finally came in. I also received an email yesterday that our changing table/dresser for the nursery was in. Alan thankfully picked it up for us and stuck around to help put it together. We read many reviews that it was a difficult item to put together but of course I had to order it anyway (it matched the cribs). So the nursery is coming together quickly and I'm so glad that I actually get to be here to see it.

Notice I'm in the background making sure everything is put together correctly and Steven looks like he is letting his dad do all the work!


Alicia said...

everything looks so great!!! i'm glad it's all coming together...and he did you ever get my email?

Jessica said...

Can't WAIT to see you, the nursery and meet the trips! Sorry I am not going to make it by before you head to St. Luke's, but I promise to come see you in the hospital!!!

Kim Calvery said...

That's so exciting! I am happy that it looks like things are coming along perfectly. you've got to post a pic of the new couch! HAHA!