Thursday, April 23, 2009

Not a good night for heartbeat monitoring!!!

Last night was not a good night with the heartbeat monitoring, we must of set some sort of record! We started about 8:00pm and after 3 1/2 hours, 2 nurses, 3 heartbeat monitors, a resident, and an ultrasound machine later we finally finished. Needless to say I was very tired and cranky by the time it was done and on the verge of tears because it is miserably uncomfortable. I felt really bad for Steven who came to stay with me last night thinking he would go to bed at a descent time so he could get up early to drive back for work. He looked so tired but hopefully tonight he will get a good nights sleep.

Even though yesterday was a bad day for heartbeat monitoring it was a really good day for contractions, I'm not sure exactly how many I had but it was significantly less than what it has been. The doctors had to take me off the contraction drugs for now because my blood pressure dropped too much so we were very pleased that we had such a good day without drugs. Lets just hope today we can have a good day with contractions AND heartbeat monitoring!!! I think I'm going to request we start a little earlier tonight so I'm not up so late if it takes another record setting time :)


Jess said...

Good grief, honey! Those little ones are certainly getting the best care, even if Mom and Dad are having to sacrifice! Sorry it's such a pain...both physically and mentally. You're so close to the finish line, though!!! XOXO!

Janice Sage said...

Hi Adrienne, my name is Janice Sage and I'm your mom's 1st cousin. Alfonse is my dad. Just got an email from Your Aunt Linda, via Shelley about your babies! Congrats and hang in there! I can't even imagine how tedious the bed rest is but each day will make them stronger. And you might as well enjoy the rest now as there will be NONE after they arrive! My love and prayers to you and your husband and tell Pam & David I said hi. God bless.

Karen said...

Hang in there Adrienne, I had to do heartbeat montoring with all three of my kids - granite it was at different times, but I understand how difficult it can be and how exhausting. Your almost there - You can Do It - The end reward will be awesome!!

Shanda said...

You knew I was going to have to comment. This is my expertise!
The babies sound like they are doing everything they are supposed to in this situation. Preterm labor is expected with multiples, especially triplets and beyond. Contractions can be ok as long as they don't change your cervix. Keep you sanity by watching movies. Subscribe to Netflix if you haven't already. They will keep the great movies coming. Get into the TV series on DVD. They can help pass the time better than a single story movie. Good luck and Nick and I are praying for you guys! I will check back on you later. Have a good night!
PS - any names yet?


Donna Johnston said...

Hello Adrienne, my name is Donna Johnston, sister to Janice Sage and also daughter to Alfonse Schwartz. Received an email same as Janice did, through Linda via Shelley about your three babies. Wow I can't imagine what you are going through. How exciting and what a blessing. Just wanted to let you know we are all thinking and praying for you and your husband. Tell your Mom and Dad hello. May God Bless you and your babies and keep you in his loving arms.