Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Crib #2, bedding, and bed rest

We received the second crib yesterday. When the UPS driver got here Steven met her outside and she said "are you having twins, I just delivered one of these the other day". Well much to her surprise Steven informed her she may be making a few more delivers before it is all said and done. Steven put it together last night, he's becoming a pro at it. We also got our bedding thanks to my Grandparents and my Mom & Dad. It looks great and I'm so excited about it.

Other than that bed rest is going okay, my days seem to go by surprisingly fast but I've had a few melt downs because I just want to get things done and it bothers me that I can't just get up and do them. My wonderful husband has done everything he can to keep me as calm as possible but pregnancy hormones x3 plus the confinement to the couch or bed is just not a good combination!

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The Haseltine's said...

Remember back in the college days all those days that you would have just LOVED to lay in bed all day and not go to class or work! You finally got it....just 10 years later!! Love you girl!