Friday, April 17, 2009

Hotel de la St. Luke's

I am now an official resident of St. Luke's Hospital in Houston Suite Y322. Friday's appointment ended with me being put in a wheelchair and taking a trip across the skybridge to St. Luke's. During my wheelchair ride the nurse(my doctors wife) informed me that the doctor really wanted to put me in last week but I sweet talked him enough he let me go home for Easter. This week I tried the sweet talk again for just one more week but no such luck! Things really didn't change much from last week but they said I'd pushed my luck too far and they wanted me here. Yesterday afternoon consisted of a lot of visits from the nurses and doctors(until about 11:30 last night). They immediately hooked me up to a contraction monitor, which I told them I didn't think I was having many if any. Well it didn't take them long to prove me totally wrong, I think the machine started to go crazy as soon as they put it on. They seemed a little concerned about getting those to slow down. They eventually set me up with an IV and a sleeping pill and this morning the contraction have decreased so hopefully we can keep those to a minimum. Although I was not really happy about being admitted, once we were here and realized I was having contractions, etc. it gave us a reality check that this is where I need to be for now.


Jessica said...

Give me a call if you need anything! I can be there in no time! :)

Kara said...

Hi Adrienne, I am a triplet mom in College Station. I have 16 month old girls that I delivered at 28 weeks 4 days. They were in the NICU for 10 weeks but today they are perfectly healthy. My doctor threatened to put me in the hospital at 26 weeks and I wish that he did! You are right where you need to be. I know it is not much fun but every day that you can make it, you are making your babies stronger and stronger!