Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Easter!

Well it looks like we will get to have a nice Easter at home, still on strict bed rest but at least I'm not in the hospital! The doctor told us today that "things aren't bad but not good either and that I'm on the boarder of being admitted into the hospital or staying at home, its a toss up." The plan for now is to continue to do what I'm doing at home but come back again in a week with bags packed. Steven's going to get really good at packing up the car and I'm going to get good at living out of a suitcase but we're not complaining. Three weeks ago they seemed to be very skeptical that we would make it to 28 weeks but I asked again today and they said they were a little more optimistic now that we would make it to 28 weeks. They also agreed that from now on I need to have the same ultrasound tech check me every week so we get a consistent indication from one week to the next. So from now on we will see Ashley who we are both very comfortable with. We are thinking the closer I get to 28 weeks they will probably admit me just so I'm there when something does happen. I'm hoping that we can make it another week or two at home and when they put me in the hospital they can prolong labor another four weeks or so, maybe its wishful thinking but a little positive think never hurts. If something happens at home before then we were told to go straight to the Brenham Hospital and be put in an ambulance to be transported to St. Luke's in Houston. Lets hope that doesn't happen!

The babies seem to be doing good. Baby A & B are both 1lb. 11oz and Baby C is 1lb. 7oz. almost 6lbs of babies!

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Anonymous said...

Great news! You are all in my prayers. Happy Easter!