Monday, October 25, 2010

Happy Birthday x2!

October 24 is a special day because its my birthday but its also special because its my niece Tegan's birthday. Friday I had a great time celebrating my birthday by going out to eat with family. Yesterday Steven let me take it easy then we had a fun evening at the park celebrating Tegan's birthday. The babies had a blast running around, sliding and trying to keep up with the big kids.
The birthday girls!
Three worn out babies, they played hard!
Boys being boys!
Papa helped Collin and Bryce down the slide

Addison didn't like getting dirty and came running to me every time she had a little dirt on her hand.
Tegan and her friend Piper
Collin hanging out with Papa
My long time friend Lisa with Bryce stuffing his mouth with hot dogs
The babies splashing in the drink tub
Bryce being a big boy climbing the play equipment
Tegan and her friend Lauren
Brandon helping Bryce down the slide. Can you tell Bryce LOVED it! He would make a bumpy uuuuugggghhhh sound all the way down.
Collin coming down the slide like a big boy
Addison looked a little unsure about it but she kept wanting to go again and again!

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