Thursday, October 7, 2010

Go Cubs!

It's homecoming week in Brenham so we got out to support the Cubs this week. Tuesday we took the babies to watch cousin Blake's football game. The babies lasted through the whole game with the help of food of course. Collin clapped for our team and the visiting team. Addison watched the cheerleaders and Bryce couldn't sit still and went from one person to the next.
Collin clapping
Bryce not wanting to sit still for Aunt Kim

Wednesday we went downtown to watch the homecoming parade.
Waiting for the parade to begin
Bryce and Aunt Alison
Bryce with Myrna and Aunt Dee
Collin waving to the floats
Collin with cousin Colton
Addison is a smart little girl and figured out she didn't have to chase after the candy, cousin Tegan left a pile right there on the sidewalk for her!
Then Aunt Dee took the wrapper off and let Addison get her first taste of a lollipop!
Watching the parade with family and friends was fun!

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