Tuesday, October 19, 2010

2nd Annual Maurer's Hayride

We are so glad the Maurer's decided to make their good ole' fashion hayride an annual event. I have to say the hayride was much more enjoyable this year with three happy babies, what a difference a year makes. They enjoyed seeing the cows, horses, and puppy dogs along the ride. Addison was a little questionable at first hanging on tight to Daddy but she eventually relaxed. Bryce sat there like a big boy and Collin stood most of the time taking it all in. The weather was perfect and spending the evening with good friends was great!
About to take off on the hayride
Jerri, Jaxon, Kim, Kristin and Colt
The Rau Family on the hayride
Bryce sat there like a big boy and enjoyed the ride
Addison holding onto Daddy tight!
Collin having fun with Kristin 
The boys being boys! They enjoyed playing in the rocks after the hayride, I think we have several rocks to return to the Maurer's, their shoes were full of rocks!

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