Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Yep you read that right, Addison's platelet counts were up to 296 today when we went to Texas Childrens! This is really good and means she is finally back in the normal range (250-450 is normal). Even Dr. Lakshmi had a big smile on her face when she got the results. We have not seen a high number like this since she was in the NICU and only a couple of weeks old so it is really exciting to see such a high number. Dr. Lakshmi wants us to come back in 3 months to make sure her counts are staying in the normal range but if they are still good then we can stop making the trip to TCH every other month! For now we are just going to celebrate the good numbers!

Addison had fun coloring in the waiting area!
She wanted Mommy to help
She didn't have as much fun getting her blood draw
Hiding from Dr. Lakshmi
I wanted her to take a picture with Dr. Lakshmi and this is what we got! Dr. Lakshmi looks great :) After seeing Dr. Lakshmi we had to wait around for her to get a flu shot.
Checking out the fish
Riding the horsey
Sliding down the slide!

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