Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Quick Update

Tuesday Mom and I made a trip to see the babies. I was surprised to see Bryce off the bili lights so I was able to hold him. I took him out of his isolette and had him laying in my lap suddenly I felt something warm on my lap. You guessed it, he was peeing on me :) It wasn't much and I didn't care, I was just glad it wasn't poop! I did put him back in the isolette and let him finish his business then I changed his diaper for the first time. After he slept on my chest for a good hour I woke him up to feed him his bottle. He did pretty good but had a hard time staying awake, we eventually finished the feeding through his tube. Collin was still under the bili lights and kept taking his shades off. I feed him his bottle so he got to take the shades off during his feed but I felt bad when we had to put the shades back on and put him back under the lights. Mom sat with him a lot to keep putting his shades back on when he took them off. Collin did finish all of his bottle during his feed, the little guy needs more food! Maybe that will be increased today. I was also able to feed Addison her bottle with the occupational therapist, they did a few test on her. She did pretty good but had to finish the last few cc's through the feeding tube.

Today I just called to check on them. They all gained weight and Collin is off the lights now. Let's hope that this is the last time for the lights! I can't wait to see the babies tomorrow and hopefully I can talk Steven into going the next four days. I just can't get enough of them!!!


Alicia said...

your such a sweet mom...i love that they are doing great!! i can't wait for them to get to go home with you and you be with them all the time...that will be exciting!!! i love you guys and i'm glad that they are gaining weight and off the lights!!! hopefully they'll stay that way. can't wait to meet the little ones

Anonymous said...

Collin is going to catch the others before you know it. I am sorry I will not be there this weekend, but the best Fathers day present is you taking care of those trips.....

Dad and Papa X 7

Carol Wheatfall said...

Mr. Siemsglusz,
This is Carol Wheatfall. I still cannot believe that you have almost caught up with me in just one pregnancy.. I remember when you used to say "no kids for me" when I would tell my stories...Congratulations to both of you. I am very happy for you guys.. This is a true blessing..
Most of all...GOOD LUCK!!!!