Monday, June 15, 2009

One Week Old

It has been a busy week and everyday we see the babies I think we learn something new about their personalities and the adventures we have to look forward to. Addison is very laid back and getting spoiled already. The other day she threw an unexpected fit and the nurse came and pulled Steven from Bryce to go hold her. As soon as he held her she stopped crying and was happy as can be. Bryce is also very laid back, it cracks me up to watch him stretch because he will stick his legs and arms straight out and just leave them sticking straight in the air. Collin is definitely going to be our funny guy, the nurses always have a story to tell us about him. Friday the nurse said he had a dirty diaper, stuck his hand in his diaper and smeared his belly and probably all of his cords and wires with his own poo, glad we weren't there for that one!!! We decided to stay home Friday to have some time to unpack and get some rest but Saturday and Sunday we made the trip and spent most of the day with them. Sunday was an exciting day all three got to eat from a bottle for one feeding. Addison and Collin's nurse saved that first bottle for Steven and I to do and they did great. All of them finished a whole bottle without any problems so today they were bumped up to two bottles a day. The other six feedings are still done by the feeding tube. Sunday I also changed Addison's diaper for the first time but luckily it wasn't a messy diaper, I'm sure we will see plenty of those in the near future. When I called to check on them today Collin and Bryce had elevated bili levels and are being put back under the bili lights this afternoon. We still have a long check list of things to do before the babies get to come home so it maybe a couple of weeks before they are discharged. Steven and I both admitted to each other yesterday that we just wanted to sneak them out so hopefully they will continue to do well.


Jess said...

I just love reading about how everyone is doing! Thank you for keeping us's so exciting and we are thrilled that the trips are doing so well! XOXO

Anonymous said...

Hello, just checking my e-mail and thought about you guys. To you steven I beat you thought about what I use to tell you in the classroom. I'm so happy for the both of you guys. The hole family is in our prays. Adrienne make sure you get as much rest as you can now because when they come home you are going to wish you had. Take care Mrs. Lovings

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blod. Its so cute to see how things are going and how much love you already have for these babies!