Friday, June 12, 2009

I'm home and the sobbing wasn't too bad!

Yesterday morning the doctor gave the okay for me to go home, it didn't take Steven long to have everything packed and ready to go. I think he was more excited to get out of there than I was. He stayed with me for a week and a half and started to go crazy about 3 days of being "trapped" there! He did make me feel better by giving me credit for "living" there for 2 months, he said he didn't know how I did it. The sweetest part of his "I love you" spill was "I'm sorry I when I didn't answer your phone calls", that little comment meant a lot.

Well back to leaving, after we got packed we went to the NICU to see the babies. Steven's aunt Dorothy came to visit so she made the trip to the NICU with us. Addison and Collin are still on the bili lights and Bryce came off the lights while we were there. We both held Bryce and got him to open his eyes for us. After holding him a while Steven thought we should put him back in his isolette. As we went to put him back he made the biggest chooing sound. Steven and I both stopped and enjoyed his "talking", it was so sweet and made it a little harder to leave. I teared up a couple of times saying bye to the babies but I know they are in the best of care. After visiting the babies we headed back to my room for the discharge paperwork. When my nurse came in with the paperwork all of the nurses had to come in and say their goodbyes and of course I cried again. You know you have been some place too long when the cleaning lady and the security guard all come to tell you goodbye too
I told Steven I was "trapped" there for so long and now I had the best of both worlds. I had my freedom, the nurses taking care of me, and I have my babies that I could go see at any time, now I didn't want to leave :( When we finally left I did pretty good until we drove past Texas Children's Hospital and I made the mistake of looking back. It only took a couple of miles for me to settle down. Trying to think of where I wanted to eat and the scenery helped distract me. I think I got teary eyed a couple of times on the way home but overall I think I did pretty good. !

We came home to "Welcome Home" signs in our front yard from our nieces and nephews, that was so sweet of them. I quickly realized I would have to readjust to somethings, the funniest was sitting on the toilet, I felt like I was going to fall on the floor. I guess I got used to the handicap toilets at the hospital. I hope that made everyone laugh and not think I'm crazy! The best part of the night was actually laying in my own bed with my husband. My thoughts quickly went to "who's going to make my bed in the morning?". I became so used to the nurses doing those "little" things for me that I guess I got spoiled. Steven quickly reminded me that we can make our own bed if we don't have residents waking us up at 5am, he's probably right!

Mommy & Daddy with Collin on bili lights

Daddy and Bryce

Addison on bili lights


Kim C said...

I know you are so happy to be home and I can't wait until the babies get to join you! keep your chin up, but's okay to let the tears come if they need to. :)

The Maurer's said...

Glad you made the trip home... Been thinking about ou guys a lot lately. Can't wait to see A,B,& C!!!

Jess said...

Honey, welcome home! I am at my parents' for the next 2 weeks finishing up summer school, but can't wait to come by and see you. BTW, I would be more than happy to come make your bed every morning. :) Careful on the toilet! XOXO

The Krenek Klan said...

We met you at Caleb Maurer's birthday party and I just wanted to say congratulations on the little ones. I hope that we get to meet them in the future. Maybe one day Colt will have some new playmates!!!

Susie S said...

I know you are glad to be home and you need to take some time just have been through quite a lot physically and emotionally.....