Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Labor and Delivery

I promised this story a long time ago and am just getting around to posting it. I've had several people ask how the babies could have two different birthdays when we had a c-section and no it was not on purpose. Everything started Tuesday June 2, my doctor came to check me and said I was dilated to 4cm and I could possibly deliver within the day so she advised for me to call my husband. Well by Thursday I still hadn't delivered and my contractions were becoming very painful but still no change in my cervix so they refused to deliver. Friday, Saturday and Sunday they were giving me morphine to help with the contraction pain and probably checked my cervix a total of 6 or more times to see if there was a change but nothing was happening. On Sunday I started to feel like I was running fever I had the nurse take my temp. and I was running a low grade fever, throughout the day it continued to go up even with medication. At 10:45 the nurse took my temp. before I went to bed and it was over 101 she said "I need to call the doctor I don't think she will like this". At 11:00 the nurse was back in my room checking the babies heart rates that were rising and by 11:15 the doctor and resident were in my room saying "it is time to do this now"! By 11:30-11:45 I was in the operating room receiving my wonderful drugs that finally put a smile on my face. A team of over 20-30 doctors, nurses, etc. were assembled and the delivery was underway. The doctor said we may have two birthdays and we thought no way, what are the odds of that happening! Well it did, later we asked the doctor if she did it on purpose and she said no. She said she told herself she would deliver like she normally would and if it happened like that she wouldn't stop it. It never crossed our minds to request that she wait and deliver on the same day, and now we think it is a pretty neat story that Addison has her very own birthday.

Baby updates as of yesterday:
Addison is now in a crib and there is talk of her coming home with Bryce by the end of the week or beginning of next week. Collin had another A&B Monday night so he gets another 5 days plus he is still in his isolette. He has a little more weight to gain and needs to maintain his temperature. Overall everyone is doing good. The nurse told me yesterday she has never seen a set of triplets that have done as good as ours. We have been very lucky and blessed!!!

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Jess said...

Seriously! What a great story! I have never heard a more fascinating family guys have been unique from day one. I love it!