Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Good News/Bad News

We saw the high risk doctor today and thought we would confirm that our girl was a girl and get a report that things are going smoothly but so much for that! The good news is our girl is definitely a girl and all of the babies are doing good. The doctor said they are almost doing too good and he would like for them to slow down a bit but that is out of our control.
Baby A is 1lb 2oz (girl)
Baby B is 1lb 2oz (boy)
Baby C is 1lb 1oz (boy)
The bad news is he put me on strict bed rest from now on. He wants to see me in about 10 days and I should come with my bags packed ready to be admitted into the hospital. Not the news we were expecting to hear today but we will do what he says to get the babies here and healthy!

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