Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Watch out, Collin's walking!

Last Friday Collin decided to take a few steps and within the last couple of days he has really started to walk more. He is still a little wobbly but he looks so cute stumbling along.


Papa said...

LOL, the intensity he has is tremendous. It appears the goal is not so much walking but getting to the drink. Walking is a side effect and a quicker means of transportation. Way to go Collin!

Poor Bryce, last in teeth and last in walking. That means he will be a good athlete, the longer you crawl the better coordination you will they say. Love you Bryce, you will out do them all.

Jess said...

THAT IS HILARIOUS!!! It is just so bizarre to see your babies WALKING! Can't wait until Jake joins the club. :) He and Bryce seem to be right in line with each other. :)